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“My dream is to be a doctor” : Emad – a brilliant student. Our Volunteer hosts took him in for two years so he could study for A Levels. He got top marks and entered University. We crowdfunded amongst our supporters to pay towards his fees. After achieving brilliant results, Emad was awarded a scholarship in his second year at Kingston University.
Helping Refugees Positive Action in Housing
Scotland’s Child – Mohammad Sudais Asif 2017 – an Afghan orphan brought aged 3 months old by Positive Action in Housing to Scotland for lifesaving surgery after a gas explosion killed his parents and baby brother. Copyright Robert Perry Photography

Positive Action in Housing is an independent, anti-racist homelessness and human rights charity (SC027577) dedicated to supporting women, children and men from refugee and migrant backgrounds to rebuild their lives. We believe in a society where everyone has the right to live safe and dignified lives, free from poverty, homelessness or inequality.

We assist those seeking sanctuary from war and persecution to overcome crisis situations, for example, the removal of basic human rights such as refuge, shelter, the right to work or hold a bank account. We support migrants to know their rights, secure paid work and stabilise their lives. We assist established ethnic minority communities to overcome bad housing. We offer welfare advice and money skills. We provide volunteering and training. We offer advice, crisis grants, and free shelter to those at risk of destitution through Room for Refugees, a refugee hosting programme (www.roomforrefugees.com).

By empowering people with information, we help individuals to make the right decisions about their future. Through proactive casework, we challenge unfair decisions. We lead human rights campaigns and humanitarian appeals. We persistently challenge anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiment, and the indefinite detention of innocent families and individuals. In all these areas we use our expertise to effect policy change.

We will help in all these ways until we have a society that treats everyone fairly, respects people’s human rights and leaves no one destitute. 

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Helping refugees and migrants since 1995

Positive Action in Housing has helped over 12,000 families and individuals rebuild their lives over the last 22 years.  Because we believe everyone should get the help they need in a crisis – regardless of colour, religion or nationality.  We believe everyone has the right to live stable and fulfilled lives free from poverty, homelessness or racial discrimination.

The charity is based in the City Centre of Glasgow and employs 12 members of staff. We have around 20 office volunteers throughout the year.   In addition we have a global network of 6,400 volunteers – in Scotland, England, Wales and parts of the US – available to host and practically assist people from refugee backgrounds in crisis situations.


Our unique perspective

Our board, staff team and volunteers are diverse in terms of experience, expertise and reflect the backgrounds of the people we are trying to help.  Some have direct knowledge or experience of the social issues we are trying to address.   This means we have a unique understanding of what it is to be excluded and discriminated against within society because of your colour or where you come from.

Because our volunteers are multilingual and come from similar backgrounds themselves we are able to empathise and retain a high level of trust amongst our beneficiaries and the communities that we aim to serve. There is a common understanding of the problems experienced by service users and many issues are understood without the need for extra justification by our service users.


Our expertise

Because many of our staff team and volunteers are multilingual and because we serve so many clients, we can accurately identify and understand the widespread problems and find the right solutions.  Our 20 plus years of experience, our knowledge of the system and the connections we have enable us to implement these solutions quickly and efficiently.  And because the charity is independently funded, and because of the nongovernmental nature of our work, we are unafraid to pioneer solutions that have not been tackled by establishment peers.

We have 169 member organisations across Scotland, Registered Social Landlords, Councils, Trade Union Branches, Academic Institutions, Voluntary Organisations, supporting us in our fight for the right to live safe and dignified lives, free from poverty, homelessness, racism and xenophobia.  We also welcome individual members. We are proud of our role in leading human rights campaigns and our track record in overturning bad policy that adversely affects people’s basic human rights and right to equality

Our unique set of skills, experience, knowledge and connections means we can help individuals, families and children in specific and practical ways that will help them rebuild their lives.

To continue this work, we depend on the support of government, charitable trusts, our members and individuals, trade unions and academic bodies.

If you would like to support our work, please visit our page on Donating to Refugees.

If you are an organisation sharing our values and would like to partner with us or support our work, please visit our page on Partnering with Positive Action.