advice service

We  offer free, independent, multilingual and culturally sensitive advice, information and practical support to people from migrant, refugee and minority ethnic communities anywhere in Scotland.

We also offer free telephone and email support to organisational members who want advice on the rights and entitlements of refugees and migrants, or help for their tenants, members or service users.

We have a diverse staff team who collectively speak around 20 languages.

Many of our board members, staff and volunteers know what it’s like to suffer racism, religious hate crime and prejudice, discrimination, homelessness or poverty.

So when you speak to our casework team, we understand what your going through and won’t discount your experiences.

We run several outreach surgeries and drop in clinics each week.

We also take up complex cases to do with the abuse of a person’s human rights, especially if challenging such a case would reap positive benefits for those in similar situations.

In such cases, we are able to use our extensive links with solicitors and those in authority to highlight injustices and bring about change. We also have many years of experience of working with the media to highlight abuses of human rights.

To find out more, or highlight your problem or a case, just email home@paih.org or call 0141 353 2220.