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Why this charity is withdrawing from Amazon Smile

Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon
Amazon’s  “scorched earth capitalism …” can only result in tears ….
A few days ago we wrote to our supporters asking you to support our work by buying from Amazon Smile – a new idea of Amazon’s to give 0.5% of the price of some goods to charities.
We have decided to withdraw from Amazon Smile, many of our supporters have told us they refuse to use Amazon because of their employment practices and tax ‘arrangements’. Others felt that involvement with Amazon Smile could be construed as a tacit endorsement of their “scorched-earth capitalism”. In addition, Amazon “Smile” is not accountable as it does not provide reports so that charities can track how much money has been raised for their cause. Our board is committed to ethical fundraising to demonstrate our values.
We have now asked Amazon Smile to remove us from their list of charities until they adopt ethical business practices, afford workers their rights and pay taxes on the billions in profits they make at the expense of our communities and rapidly declining town centres. As a small charity we want to be sure our fundraising is consistent with our values.
Other ways to give to Positive Action in Housing: Give regular monthly or annual donations, see for lots of ways to give. Any donation you give, no matter how small, is appreciated.
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Check out IKEA’s modern slavery statement.
Amazon has a well-documented record of workers’ rights abuses and a “scorched earth capitalism” policy.
Lobby Amazon to pay taxes back to the communities it profits from, and afford fair employment terms to workers and those they outsource work to. Sign this petition at 38 Degrees . 
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