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Refugee Crisis Europe

We are currently living in the world’s worst refugee crisis since World War 2.  Greece and Italy are at the front-line of the world’s biggest wave of mass-migration of refugees and we have been campaigning and fundraising to support the humanitarian effort there since 2015.    All the way along the route into Europe through the Balkans there is virtually no humanitarian response, and those in need rely on the goodwill of unpaid volunteers for shelter, food, clothes, and medical assistance.

To date (as at May 2017) our appeal for humanitarian aid in Europe has raised over £49,000 .  However, as we know, this crisis will be with us for some time and we continue working to reach our target of £75,000.  All funds will go towards saving the lives of refugees trying to reach safety in Europe.  We have the connections and the know-how to ensure your donations make a difference to these people in crisis.  The costs of running this appeal will be absorbed by Positive Action in Housing and the funds we raise are accounted for in our annual accounts.

In 2015-16 we recruited 202 international volunteer medics, nurses and general volunteers who travelled to Lesvos to support the wider humanitarian effort where they assisted 500,000 refugees who crossed the Agean Sea from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in 2015.

To find out more about donating and enabling us to help people in crisis, please visit our Donate page.

If you think you might be able to provide help in Europe, please visit our page on International Volunteering.

Destitution Appeal for Refugees 2017

Positive Action’s Lifeline project provides free shelter, crisis grants for food, travel and baby provisions to refugees and those seeking asylum in the UK who are without recourse to funds of any kind. Having crossed the Mediterranean to reach safety many people face years in and out of destitution because of the UK asylum system. “Refused” people have no right to housing, jobs or state support.

In 2016-17, we gave out a total of £42,200 in very small crisis grants to the most vulnerable and needy. Since September 2015, we have arranged over 29,000 nights of shelter in the homes of our wonderful refugee hosts. Our winter surgery in 2016 assisted more than 300 beneficiaries over just 2 days. We anticipate greater demand this year, especially from destitute women with babies and young children, the elderly and sick.

To date we have raised £10,000 to help refugees rebuild their lives in the UK.  Inevitably, the need for this support is only going to increase in 2017 so any donation you give, no matter how small, is appreciated (for example £20 will provide food for a child for a whole week). Every penny you donate goes towards providing humanitarian relief for destitute people in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland, London and elsewhere across the UK.

If you think you might be able to support our work helping refugees in the UK, then please visit our page on Donating to Refugees.