Non Profit Diversity Wall Planner

An excellent ‘diversity tool’ that provides year round advertising to sponsors.
A brilliant home or office diversity resource.
Also carries dates of the main faith festivals, UN World dates  as well as public holidays, to help you plan meetings sensitively for your members, service users and/or employees
The profits generated go straight to our humanitarian projects and crisis intervention work.
1,000 Giant Planners distributed across Scotland and the rest of the UK to our members, volunteers, all minority ethnic, refugee and new migrant groups, individuals and organisations, registered social landlords, voluntary organisations, politicians and our funders and supporters.
Advertisers get complimentary copies too!
Public bodies and politicians also get copies, a prestigious opportunity to support a good cause .
By advertising or purchasing the planner, you will be supporting our charitable and humanitarian work.
All profits go towards our Lifeline service which supports refugee and asylum seeking families at risk of destitution and hunger. The project provides crisis grants, free shelter in the homes of our volunteers and proactive advice and information to enable people to rebuild their lives. So you’re supporting a very good cause.
Every year, we publish and distribute a Giant Diversity Wall Planner. 
Book your space now

The Deadline for booking an advertising space in the 2019 Wall Planner is November 23rd 2018.

A full colour 70mm (h) x 90 mm (w) advertising space costs £325 (Zero VAT). (Members and previous advertisers get a discount per advert).

Order copies on-line

Copies available for £10 each, or less for bulk orders.

(Free to members, volunteers and active refugee hosts)

The theme of our 2019 Diversity Wall planner is “Strength in Diversity”

It is generously sponsored by housing associations, trade unions, law firms, universities and faith groups. The Planner helps pay for our crisis intervention work with children, women and men at risk of homelessness and destitution. Last years advertisers were:

Albyn Housing society, Berlow Rahman Solicitors, Blochairn Housing Association, Care and Repair Scotland, City of Glasgow College, Clydesdale HA, Dalmuir Park HA, Drumcog, East Renfrewshire Council, Elderpark HA, Employers in Voluntary Housing, Faculty of advocates, Greater Pollok Citizens Advice Bureau, Kingdom HA, Link Group, NG Homes, Ore Valley Housing Association, PATH Scotland, Port of Leith Housing Association, Queens Cross HA, Regional Networks, Rosehill Housing Co-operative, Scottish Community Alliance, Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees, SHARE, Southside HA, Thenue Housing Association, Unison, Unite the Union and Wheatley Housing Group