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Numbers matter in Grenfell. Where are the victims? The food and clothes and shoes that was donated was put into storage, there was no one to give it to. So how many survivors are there?

A disaster resource website for grenfell said 538 people were still missing, before changing it to zero the next day. That would mean there are 112 survivors out of 650 people. Noone’s reporting 538 missing or dead. It’s like mass media denial. No one is talking about reports of firefighters saying they found 42 people dead in one room, from children to the elderly, huddled together trying to stay safe. Why is mainstream media not talking about the footage of Rani Ibrahim and her family as she tried to find a way of escape? Why?

The government and the authorities are claiming to care for the survivors, but people are being dumped in high rise hotels that they are terrified to stay in. One man who lost his wife Khadija on the 17th floor is in a terrible state. They put him in an old folks home. Is he getting support and counselling?

Another family were told they were being rehoused in Preston and if they didn’t accept the offer, they were making themselves “intentionally homeless”. Intentionally homeless? And will the family lose their local connection to Kensington & Chelsea borough?Yet the Prime Minister said everyone affected would be able to stay in or near the borough. Preston is hundreds of miles away.

What kind of inhumanity is this?

It reminds me of Theresa May’s incompetence and inhumanity when she ran the Home Office, she ran a failed Go Home campaign against asylum seekers which cost millions to run before abandoning it as failed (seriously someone ought to count up how much public money this woman has wasted what with her £135M general election). Her department had dumped bags of 100,000 registered post and recorded delivery letters UNOPENED . These were letters from lawyers, MPs and others representing vulnerable refugees who were languishing in destitution or detention. As Home Secretary, her Department even argued that a grieving refugee couple that they could exhume their dead child in order to be deported back to Pakistan as a family. Three Scottish judges rejected the idea. The vast majority of Grenfell residents were very vulnerable people. Those who survived are being treated disgracefully by no less than the Prime Minister of this country beneath a veneer of badly acted out compassion. It’s not a surprise. Now she says she is going to take charge of running a public inquiry into Grenfell thus ensuring there will be government led, government controlled with government outcomes. The testimonies of the dead and the survivors will never be heard. Theresa May is running government the same way she ran the Home Office. Shambolically.

Robina Qureshi

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