Help for new migrants

The New Migrants Action Project plays a significant role in aiding people who have recently arrived in Scotland after seeking refuge from countries around the world.    Our diverse, multilingual team of four staff assist clients to secure paid work, know their rights and make the right decisions for their future.

In 2015-16, the project assisted 715 people from 16 nationalities – a 26% increase compared to the previous year.   The numbers of families needing urgent assistance has gone up by 25% and we found that almost two thirds of our clients were living in poverty as defined by the Scottish Government and Poverty Truth Commission’s poverty thresholds.  This compares to a national average of 14%.

We find that new migrants from Romanian Roma, Russia and Latvia need greater help as their community is less well established and therefore they are unable to get support from within their own community.  With an estimated 5,000 Romanian Roma in Scotland , the project is working intensely in the Roma community, providing guidance through training.  We hold a special outreach surgery for the Roma community in Glasgow.  To find out more about this and how to make an appointment, please see our Outreach Surgery Timetable.

With the increase in new migrants continuing to grow as people escape war zones and poverty to rebuild their lives, the New Migrant Action service becomes more important than ever.  If you would like to support our work in some way then you can learn more about how to donate to Positive Action or how to volunteer with us in Scotland.