About Us

Positive Action in Housing Ltd (SC027577) is a Scottish charity with a Europe-wide reach, working with individuals, communities, voluntary organisations and others to enable everyone to have an equal chance to live, work and grow, free from the threat of poverty, destitution or racism.

Taking Action. Saving lives.

We offer free, confidential advice, information and practical support to refugees, migrants and minority ethnic communities in order to rebuild and stabilise lives.

We actively welcome refugees and those seeking asylum from war torn countries. We have a UK-wide database of 1350 families wishing to host refugees temporarily in their own homes until they can find alternative options. We pro-actively work with lawyers to seek resolution to claims for refuge. We will highlight injustices in individual cases to increase public awareness. We persistently challenge the xenophobic rhetoric of government bodies. directed at refugees.

Meeting the humanitarian needs food, shelter and warmth of Europe’s refugees. We run the only UK wide refugee hosting network for citizens who want to share what they have.  We run an Emergency Hardship Fund and provide emergency shelter, grants and practical resources for destitute refugees and their families.

We support migrants in the UK to gain the necessary paperwork to secure employment, self employment and stabilise their lives.

We offer money advice and skills.  We lead humanitarian appeals and support anti-racist campaigns. We run a volunteering programme. We work to inform wider social policy from a needs-led perspective. We deliver training and best practice.

Since we were established in 1995 we have supported over 12,000 vulnerable refugees, asylum seekers and migrants with advice, free shelter and crisis grants.

We depend on the generous support of individuals, housing organisations and others to be able to do this work.

We are independent of any political group, religious creed, ideology or economic faction.

Taking Action. Saving lives.