About Us

Positive Action in Housing is an independent homelessness and human rights charity dedicated to supporting people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

We believe in a society where everyone has the right to live safe and dignified lives, free from poverty, homelessness or discrimination.

We work with individuals and families to rebuild lives. We assist those seeking refuge to overcome crisis situations, for example, the removal of basic human rights such as liberty, refuge, shelter and the right to work. We help new migrants to know their rights and access work. We assist established ethnic minority communities to overcome bad housing. By empowering people with information, we help individuals to make the right decisions about their future. Through casework, we challenge unfair decisions. We offer welfare advice and money skills. We offer advice, crisis grants and shelter to those at risk of destitution. We provide volunteering and training. We lead human rights campaigns, most recently concerning the refugee crisis. We persistently challenge anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiment.

We will continue to help in all these ways until we have a society that treats everyone fairly, respects people’s human rights and leaves no one destitute.

To continue this work, we depend on the support of government, charitable trusts, our members and individuals, trade unions and academic bodies. To make a regular donation to our work, go to www.paih.org/makearegulardonation

Positive Action in Housing is independent of any political group, religious creed, ideology or economic faction.

Working together to rebuild lives.