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Positive Action in Housing is a movement of  people, non profit organisations and social housing providers from all over Scotland, the UK and Europe. We campaign independently against racism, fascism and stand up for the housing and human rights of refugees, asylum seekers, new migrants and ethnic minorities.

Together, we can make a difference.

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Membership is a great way for your organisation to support the work of this small but effective charity!

Membership also helps us to campaign independently for refugee communities across the globe.

As a member you will receive free publications, resources, discounts on training and advertising, regular email updates on our work and campaigns, as well as ways you can get involved.

Most importantly, you’ll be helping to challenge racism and fascism through our support of European, UK  and Scotland wide campaigns. We have also pledged to support localised campaigns across Scotland by Unite Against Fascism, the Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees and Stand Up against Racism.

Trade Unions, Lawyers, Academics and Educational Institutions can support our work through Associate membership which allows you to support our work and get member discounts, but there’s no right to stand for election.

Your membership includes the following:

1. Unlimited free telephone or email consultancy on  equality and diversity issues, the rights of EU nationals, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, interpreting and translation guidance, community engagement, regulatory matters, and race or religious hate crime.

2. Free job adverts in Quickmail and on social media (circulation is 29,000 and is regarded as one of the most socially and ethnically diverse lists in Scotland);

3. free publications (Scottish Ethnic Minorities directory, wallplanner, best practice guides, annual report),

4. Heavily discounted equality & diversity training; acknowledgement of your support in the Annual Report, plus Certification of Annual Membership and much more. See latest Membership Resource Pack for more info.

As a member, you are also:

1. Supporting our anti racist work, human rights campaigns and individual appeals.

2. Supporting direct assistance to people from migrant and refugee communities in poverty or homelessness, particularly in Glasgow which has the second highest refugee population in the UK, after London, and is Scotland’s most racially diverse city.