Money and debt advice

Our Money Skills Project offers multilingual advice, information and financial skills training through a multilingual staff team of four.  The project tackles the root causes of homelessness in order to help break the poverty cycle.

The project provides people with really practical strategies such as how to switch to cheaper utility providers and credit card providers.  We educate our service users on the claims they are eligible to make for things like education, healthcare and tax rebates.


“I had problems with my rent arrears and benefits.  A friend suggested I go to Positive Action.  I got a lot of help and things are much better for us.  There is someone who understands and lightens the burden.”

Xiu accessed our Money Skills Project to help manage her finances for her and her 3 year old son, Terence


If you need our help with money advice or would like to find out how to access any of our support services for new migrants, asylum seekers and ethnic minorities, you can learn more about our Lifeline service or see our timetable for drop-in clinics and outreach surgeries.


In 2015-16, the project assisted 896 people from 48 countries of origin and as a result of the project’s intervention, more than a third of our service users reported an increase in income. 17% reported improved skills in budgeting, savings and income maximization to such a level that they were able to now take independent action to resolve money issues.  One in five service users reduced their outgoings by switching to cheaper credit cards or utility providers.  13% accessed charitable payments, grants and funds, insurance payouts, social welfare funds and claims made to recover health and educational costs and tax rebates.