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“It is welcome news that the Grenfell families will be housed permanently in their local community. It is doubtful however that they would care if it was ‘luxury’ or not. The families have already turned down high rise hotels – understandably, their first concern is ‘how safe is it’?”

“There were reports of families being told by the Council they would have to move to housing in multi high rises and they were terrified. Others were apparently told they were being moved hundreds of miles away to Preston and if they refused they would be declared “intentionally homeless” and the council would no longer have a duty to rehouse. Many returned to the Westway Sports Centre to sleep instead.”

“So ‘Gold Command’, reporting directly to Theresa May, has stepped in and bypassed creaking social policies to provide money and housing to these families.”

“But the wider context should not be forgotten. Many families are recent arrivals in the UK, do not know their rights or do not have English as their first language. Some families asked if the £5,500 they were given by the government for food and essentials is compensation for the fire. These families may be witnesses to an alleged crime of corporate manslaughter and institutional neglect that may, or may not, implicate the present Government.”

“The Prime Minister announced a Public Inquiry, which she will take “personal responsibility” for, and others have called for inquests. There is a criminal investigation ongoing, yet potential witnesses are surrounded by individuals reporting to ‘Gold command’ under the present PM, and are being provided money and housing directly under Theresa May’s orders. There are a lot of potential conflicts of interest which must be taken into account.

In this respect, the facade of Theresa May’s “Gold Command” may prove to be as dangerous to the truth as the cladding on Grenfell tower”

Robina Qureshi
Positive Action in Housing



Grenfell Tower families to be rehoused in 68 apartments in luxury development | UK news | The Guardian