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Grenfell Tower Homeless could be threatened with making them selves “intentionally homelessness” if they don’t move outside London

Kensington & Chelsea Borough Council are threatening some Grenfell residents with making themselves  “intentionally homeless” if they don’t accept the offers they are given.

Positive Action in Housing – a Scottish charity – has 750 volunteer hosts on our Room for Refugees hosting programme in London alone , we could accommodate many people easily if we were allowed to assist.

Everyone’s hands are tied by this institutional ineptitude.

No one needs to be being threatened with “intentionally homeless” if they turn down a housing offer outside London.

No one in this situation needs to be coerced into accepting yet another multi high rise death trap covered in plastic as a reasonable housing offer.

No one needs to be denied their local connection if they leave the Borough. What is this ?

Your talking about very vulnerable people, who may not know their rights, or English may not be their first language or they have limited support networks. How are they meant to challenge this? They couldn’t force the Council to make the building safe, how will they deal with what’s to come.

The Prime Minister promised an entire country they would be housed in or near their schools and GPs and communities. And that’s just not happening.

The government clearly doesn’t have a clue, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is tainted. So let those that can help, do so.

Robina Qureshi



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