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Volunteers: Helpers and Voices

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Volunteers are essential to Positive Action in Housing. The hours they spend every week among our team and with our service users contribute to increasing and improving the support provided.

If like us, you are attached to social justice, want to engage in a collective initiative for solidarity, and be part of a warm and driven team, feel welcome already!

We have up to 20 volunteers working with us on this. Some started with little or no experience in the voluntary sector; some had a lot of experience and were more confident in a number of areas. Some felt confidence before starting, some developed it over time with us. All contribute to our projects and work with us to achieve our aims.

Charity work can only make a difference if it gathers the support and the energy of engaged citizens of various backgrounds and ambitions, yet sharing values and convictions. Volunteers are this link between the voluntary sector and the rest of the society. Those that are most vulnerable deserve help and justice; this is what we all work towards, with volunteers leading the way.

Come forward, apply, and join us!

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Tim Lehuraux, our Volunteer Coordinator, is in charge of recruiting volunteers to a wide range of new, diverse and exciting opportunities on offer. At the moment, we would very happy to welcome:

  • A Romanian-speaking New Migrant Action assistant to help caseworkers provide support to people from the Roma community in Govanhill.
  • Money Skills Assistants – full training provided

In the near future, we will also be very happy to welcome:

  • Befrienders – as part of the befriending programme targeting isolated clients such as single mothers, older people, lone individuals
  • Home Visitors – to take part in the management of the network of Room for Refugee hosts

We also regularly look for new volunteers on the following roles, and therefore future opportunities shall be expected.

  • A Lifeline casework assistant to assist caseworkers on a number of tasks (interviews, form filling, admin) to help destitute asylum seekers and refugees. If you speak Arabic, Farsi or Kurdish, that’s even greater!
  • Receptionists – helping to run the reception area, making coffee, welcoming visitors and service users, signposting to other services. The bass guitar in a band: you don’t always notice it , until it’s not there and your harmony is lost.

If you are interested in current or forthcoming opportunities, feel free to apply online as soon as now, and we will be in touch.

For more information please contact Tim by email: tim@positiveactionh.org or by telephone on 0141 353 7964 

But also…

Refugee hosting

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We need more volunteers to offer a spare room or more to a refugee family, women or man or Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children, especially in Glasgow and London. Please see Host a Refugee or visit www.roomforrefugees.com if you are interested in supporting refugees by offering accommodation. For other inquiries regarding Room for Refugee, please send an email to home@positiveactionh.org.

Winter Surgery December 19/20 2018

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Every year before Christmas, Positive Action organizes a Winter Surgery over two days, where people at risk of homelessness or destitution will be coming through our doors – by appointment – to receive a range of support to see them through winter. Volunteers are always welcome to help out over this busy period, and share a collective moment around Christmas and the holidays, under the sign of empathy and solidarity.

Winter Surgery December 2017 – staff and volunteers wearing the same colours