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We assist refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrant families and individuals to resolve a crisis or overcome poverty.

Here are our current  Drop In and Outreach Surgeries

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Practical Help and Human Support

Lifeline Service

Prevents and alleviates the destitution of refugees and people seeking asylum by providing emergency advice, representation and support.  We help our clients through drop in surgeries, one to one casework and referrals.  Find out more.

Room for Refugees

Community hosting for destitute refugees and asylum seekers. Pioneered by us in 2002. We operate a strict referral and screening policy. It provides a safe haven as well as pastoral support. The programme allows individuals to assist directly in the refugee crisis.  Our hosts are unpaid volunteers who offer free shelter in their home or other property. Hosts live all over Scotland and the rest of the UK and come from diverse backgrounds. All are motivated to help men, women and children fleeing war and persecution. Register to host at or give a financial donation to help us continue our work.

Empowering people with knowledge

By empowering people with information, we help individuals to make the right decisions about their future.  We offer advice, information and signposting to other appropriate support groups.  By empowering partner organisations with knowledge about the rights of refugees and asylum seekers, they are better equipped to find solutions.

New Migrants Action Project

The New Migrants Action Project plays a significant role in aiding people who have recently arrived in Scotland after seeking refuge from countries around the world.    Our diverse, multilingual team of four staff assist clients to secure paid work, know their rights and make the right decisions for their future. The project is doing ground breaking work assisting the Roma community.  Find out more.

Frontline Homelessness Advice Service

The Frontline Homelessness Advice Service offers essential advice and support to deal with the challenges for newly granted refugees having to rapidly move from one system of housing support to another.  The Service also assists people to access social housing and to challenge poor housing conditions and racist hate crime.  Find out more.

Money Skills Project

Our Money Skills Project offers multilingual advice, information and financial skills training through a multilingual staff team of four.  The project tackles the root causes of homelessness in order to help break the poverty cycle.  Find out more.

Some of our work has no geographical boundaries


In 2015-16 we recruited 202 international volunteer medics, nurses and general volunteers.  We sent them to Lesvos to support the wider humanitarian effort where they assisted 500,000 refugees who crossed the Agean Sea from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in 2015.

Crisis Campaigns

Greece and Italy are at the front-line of the world’s biggest wave of mass-migration of refugees since World War 2.  All the way along the route into Europe through the Balkans there is virtually no humanitarian response, and those in need rely on the goodwill of unpaid volunteers for shelter, food, clothes, and medical assistance.  In 2015/16 we provided funding to the Greek and Italian lifeguards assisting refugees crossing into Europe. We are now supporting the dependents of Syrian refugees already in the UK to leave war zones. Find out more how you can help.