The people we have helped

Haval and Sana

Haval and Sana were supported by Positive Action in Housing when they arrived in Glasgow for the first time.

After finding a new job, Haval and Sana decided to move to Glasgow. A friend kindly offered to let them stay while they settled in and found their own place. But the flat was overcrowded, and they needed to move on as quickly as possible. Unfamiliar with the city, they made an appointment with our Housing and Homelessness team to discuss their needs and priorities. They received advice regarding their housing options, including the different housing associations in the areas of the city most suitable for their needs. We helped Haval complete their housing applications and explain their circumstances. Soon they were offered and accepted a home they were happy with from a Registered Social Landlord.

We do not have much knowledge about housing in Glasgow. Positive Action in Housing advised us about how to register for housing … the move happened surprisingly quickly, and we finally feel settled. We are happy with our new home and staying in Glasgow.

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