The people we have helped


Ismail has lived in the UK for over 15 years, having fled Iran in 2003 accused of being a member of the banned Kurdish Peshmerga.

In 2009, his appeal rights were exhausted, and he was made destitute. For almost a decade, he relied on friends living across the UK for support. By August 2018, he had exhausted all his options. A friend told him about the help Positive Action in Housing could offer to help him gather evidence for a new asylum claim and get a roof over his head. Over six weeks, our caseworkers helped Ismail put together a Section 4 application. When that was refused, we helped him appeal to the tribunal. In early December the tribunal decided to grant him Section 4 support. But his accommodation was not arranged until mid-January 2019. In the meantime, Positive Action in Housing supported Ismail with crisis grants from our Emergency Relief Fund.

The last few years, I have had a hard, time, but I am ever so thankful for the support and advice you gave me to resume my asylum claim, hopefully with better results this time.

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