The people we have helped


After claiming asylum, Karim was separated from his family and left in a Birmingham hotel for over 6 months with no money. Through the help of Positive Action in Housing, he was reunited with his brother and formed a strong friendship with his Room for Refugees hosts in Glasgow.

When Karim claimed asylum, the Home Office put him in a hotel in Birmingham for over 6 months. He was not provided with any money and was unable to see his brother. When he found out his brother, with whom he’d lost contact with 18 months before, was in Glasgow, he submitted a request to the Home Office to be moved there. They accepted he had family there but due to COVID-19 restrictions, did not move him.

After 6 months of waiting to move, Karim had had enough. He contacted Room for Refugees and asked if we could do anything to help. We put a call out to our local hosts, and Rachel and Jack came forward to offer a room. Within a couple of weeks, after introductions over Zoom, Karim was on a train to Glasgow.

Having this accommodation also meant Positive Action in Housing could assist Karim to access Section 95 support, and he became entitled to £39/week from the Home Office. Karim lived with Rachel and Jack for 6 months, and although he no longer needs to be there, he is around regularly to catch up with them and their pet dog Alma, whom he adores.

Positive Action in Housing played a big role in my meeting Jack and Rachel, as hosts and then as friends, and also in eventually reuniting me with my brother in Glasgow. My caseworker Freya listened to me and was a huge support during the hard times.

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