The people we have helped

Maricel and Nadia

Living on a low income has become increasingly challenging due to the cost-of-living crisis. Maricel and Nadia struggled to keep up with rent payments and ensure they received the support they were entitled to.

The high inflation and energy costs over the past year have put pressure on everyone. However, factors such as poor health, limited Digital proficiency and lack of English make it even harder for some people to make ends meet. This is where the Migrant Rights Team stepped in.

Maricel and Nadia, like many others we assist, need help navigating online platforms and communicating effectively due to their limited English and digital skills. With the cost of energy bills skyrocketing during the winter, every penny counts.

Over the year, Maricel and Nadia received consistent support from our project. We helped them keep their Universal Credit accounts current, submit fit notes, manage housing element payments, and respond to messages. In just nine months, we accessed their accounts on more than 45 occasions.

Recognising their struggle to afford rent, we assisted them in applying for a Discretionary Housing Benefit. When Scottish Child Payments became available for children over six years old, we guided them through the online application process, resulting in an additional £1000 in their annual household budget.

There were times throughout the year when we felt like we were drowning in our struggles. Despite the challenges, we managed to hold onto our home and keep going, although it’s still tough. We owe this resilience to your hard work and support.

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