The people we have helped


Sara came to Positive Action in Housing after gaining refugee status. She received specific help regarding Universal Credit, finding permanent housing, and tackling isolation.

Sara first came to Positive Action in Housing for help with finding permanent housing after she got refugee status and at the same time Money Skills Project helped her apply for Universal Credit.

During lockdown, Sara struggled with isolation and her mental health. While our Humans of Glasgow Good Morning Service kept in regular touch, the Money Skills Team advised her about Personal Independence Payments, taking her through the application and helping her get the necessary documentary evidence to support her claim. Eventually, PIP was awarded. We then helped her update her Universal Credit account with PIP awards and made sure she got a further award due to her limited work capacity. We also supported Sara to manage her rising gas and electricity bills.

After I got my Leave to Remain, I was struggling financially and did not know where to apply and how to apply for the benefits I was entitled to. My caseworker gave me the confidence to understand my paperwork and I’m financially better off.

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