The people we have helped


Vilema, 41, has been in the UK for almost 20 years, originally in London.

She claimed asylum in 2015. After six months in immigration detention, she was dispersed to Glasgow. Her claim was refused, and her Home Office support was stopped in November 2017. With nowhere else to go, Vilema stayed in her flat, trying to gather evidence for a new asylum claim. Serco, the Home Office landlord, then started sending her letters every couple of weeks telling her to leave her home and threatening to change her locks. Having tried but failed to get Section 4 support twice through other agencies, Vilema’s caseworker Sunny managed to get her support reinstated.

Sunny gave me courage to stay in my home and keep going. If it wasn’t for Positive Action, I would be on the street. I have a claim in again and hope to stay on in Glasgow. It’s quiet and the people are good.

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