Deadly Strain of Legionella Bacteria Found on Bibby Stockholm Barge

8 September 2023

New tests on the Bibby Stockholm barge have confirmed the presence of a deadly strain of legionella bacteria. The bacteria was initially detected when people boarded on August 7th, leading to an evacuation. The water system was flushed, but tests on August 15th found the dangerous strain. A petition has also been launched to abandon the barge plan. The Home Office has not yet released the latest test results.

Tests conducted on the Bibby Stockholm barge have uncovered the presence of the deadliest  strain of legionella bacteria. This revelation comes after an initial detection on August 7th, which led to a evacuation of the barge. Despite the water system being thoroughly flushed in an effort to eradicate the bacteria, subsequent tests conducted on August 15th have shockingly unveiled the persistence of this dangerous strain.

Legionella bacteria are notorious for causing severe respiratory illness, including the potentially fatal Legionnaires' disease. With the presence of this deadly strain on the Bibby Stockholm barge, the safety and wellbeing of those who were aboard and those who may come into contact with it in the future are undeniably at risk.

Adding to the distressing situation, a group of 39 asylum seekers who were initially residing on the barge have refused to return, citing the poor living conditions as a major concern. Their refusal to go back highlights the dire state of affairs on the vessel, further emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive repairs and improvements to ensure the safety and welfare of its occupants.

In response to these alarming developments, a petition has been launched, urging the authorities to abandon the barge plan altogether. The petition underscores the growing public unease and discontent surrounding the continued use of the Bibby Stockholm. It calls for a reevaluation of the safety measures in place and emphasizes the need for alternative, secure accommodations for those seeking asylum.

As concerned citizens await further information, it is disconcerting to note that the Home Office has not yet released the latest test results, leaving many in a state of uncertainty. Transparency and swift action are imperative in addressing this critical issue, as the health and lives of individuals are at stake.

This deadly situation demands immediate action. The refusal of asylum seekers to return, coupled with the launch of a petition to abandon the barge plan, underscores the urgency to rectify the poor living conditions and ensure the safety of all occupants. The Home Office must release the latest test results and commit to prioritising the wellbeing of those affected and preventing any further harm.

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