Lift restrictions on Ukrainians entering the U.K. NOW

12 March 2022

We have just arranged shelter and crisis support for a Ukrainian refugee, we have room - our hosting programme has had over 2,500 registered offers of shelter - but the U.K. Government must lift restrictions like other European countries & let refugees in NOW.

We are also being contacted by Ukrainians trying to seek refuge in the U.K. asking us for help or have family trying to get here. We expect more people to contact us in the coming days. 

What you can do?

Write to your MP NOW about the Third Reading of the Nationality and Borders Bill on Monday 14 March 2022. 

Use this draft letter

Copy us in: 

More Info

Room for Refugees is the oldest refugee hosting programme in the UK

It was pioneered in Glasgow in 2002

Since then, we have sheltered over 4,000 refugees from war torn countries including  Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Eritrea.

We have 12,000 plus hosts across the UK

over 2,200 have signed up in the last ten days. 

It began as a direct response to the Home Offices policy of making refugees destitute while they are trying to regularise their legal status in this country. And it has been going on ever since. 


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