Messages of Support 2006

1 August 2006

Its been a challenging year and a highly productive year in which we have
delivered on almost every front. And it would be a great boost for our staff, volunteers and management committee, to receive messages of support from everyone who is aware of our work or been in contact with Positive Action in Housing as partners, service users, funders etc. A selection of messages are shown below.

Please send messages of up to 200 words to

Thank you for your support,





“Just come across your website, and would like to add my voice to your many messages of support.

Decent living standards for all are the mark of a civilised country, and PAIH is an important voice in drawing the attention of the community in general and politicians and administrators in particular to the times when we fail to achieve that standard.

The future of Scotland is one in which we continue to learn to appreciate the cultural mix that is attracted to our shores alongside the people who are already here, and forms the basis of a creative and caring society. There is nothing noble about poverty, and PAIH does an excellent job of highlighting issues of concern about people who are simply trying to make their way in the world. Regrettably poverty still exists all around us – not just in the financial sense but in some folk’s attitudes and lack of vision.

PAIH is definitely part of the force for good to change this around. And may it be so as long as it is needed.”

Graham Bell, Press & Policy

Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce


“It is an absolute privilege to be able to offer words of support for the work done by Positive Action In Housing.

 In the three years I have worked as the Prisons correspondent for the Guardian, I have constantly come across so many examples of the work done by Robina and the team in highlighting the plight of people who suffer abuse for the ‘crime’ of seeking a better life for themselves and their families.

I meet many campaign groups in this job. Some are highly passionate in their cause, others tell me that such passion gets ‘In the way’ of effective performance. The campaigns mounted by PAIH seem to me to be both prompted by intense human feeling and be highly effective.

In the near future, I hope that the paper I work for will be giving the asylum issue the type of airing it deserves and much of the material will stem from the files of PAIH.

Long may this excellent organisation continue to promote concern for people who have suffered in ways that most of us only encounter in our worst nightmares. And long may the fine people doing the work continue to wear their hearts on their sleeves.” 

Eric Allison

The Guardian 

“Having worked in the youth sector for anumber of years now and engaged with a number of organisations and agencies around issues of discrimination, equality and exclusion PAIH wa an agency which always stood out. By this is mean the agency has always been pro-active, challenging, strong and effective. The work you guys carry out on a daily basis to supprt communities especially the new arrivals in Glasgow is tremendous and think everyone at PAIH deserves great praise for the work you do. Sometimes routine work goes unnoticed but it is this work that makes the difference.“

Kalim Uddin, Acting Principal Officer
Services for Young People Team, DRS Community Services 

“The Voluntary Action Fund have until very recently supported the work of PAiH through a three year grant for a Volunteer Co-ordinator. This project was one of our most successful, with volunteers from minority ethnic and refugee communities being supported in developing skills and confidence which led to employment, training and education. We sincerely hope that this work attracts further funding and would wish all volunteers and staff well in taking the organisation forward.”

Dr Eleanor Logan, Chief Executive

Voluntary Action Fund

“South Lanarkshire Branch of UNISON wish Positive Action in Housing a successful
AGM. We are happy to continue our support for your work, particularly in support of destitute Asylum Seekers. Trade Unions have always been to the fore in fighting injustice and we should do more to support the struggle for justice for those seeking a safe place to live.”

Stephen Smellie, Secretary

South Lanarkshire UNISON 

 “I appreciate being kept up to date with what you are doing, and I would like to let you know that I think you are doing wonderful and very necessary work which is vitally important for people who find themselves in such dire situations that they need to apply for asylum in the first place, never mind finding themselves with nowhere to live and no way of earning a living. You have my full support in all your excellent work.”

Morelle Smith (member of Scottish PEN and Artists in Exile Glasgow)

“Really hope AGM went well and good luck to you and your team for all the
fantastic work you are all doing. I wonder how many lives are changed for
the better.”

Paul Laverty

“There are no words to describe how much we appreciate your wonderful work and
amazing humanity.

We think if the world was full of people like yourselves it would be peaceful.

Please never stop and although I cannot do much as am busy with the STW and Women in Black and trying to bring attention to the use of Depleted Uranium I still try to hand out your leaflets and bring attention to your work. I used to wish I was two people but now with so much suffering I think the number has risen dramatically!

My husband’s family from Iraq always say to tell the people here who are
against all that it happening in war and it’s consequences ‘Tell them they
are dear and precious to us and we thank them so so much’ It is even more
flowery than that so what more can we say except they are refugees in
Jordan along with another million and the same in Syria.

Bless you and you are the true high caliber peaceful caring wonderful
examples of humanity.”

Dr and Mrs Carole Alubaid.


“I congratulate you and your organisation for all they have achieved to date
and hope this work continues. It is essential we have people who are
prepared to stand up and fight against the Governments current immigration
and asylum policies which undermine basic human rights and leave
vulnerable people in destitution which I believe constitutes inhuman and
degrading treatment which is supposed to be prohibited by the Human Rights
Act. The current policies on asylum and counter terrorism marginalises
communities and breeds racial hatred. I apologise this is too late for
your conference but feel that it is important to congratulate the work
that is being undertaken by your organisation in trying to alleviate
poverty and prejudice.”


Considine, Solicitor


President, Glasgow Bar Association


The Big Issue in Scotland we are all too aware of how hard life can be
without access to proper housing, employment or advice. That’s why we
support Positive Action in Housing.

Through the years, from our Dungavel Watch campaign back in 2003 to our
recent Refugee Week special, we have portrayed the real stories of new
arrivals to this country as much as those who are already experiencing
social exclusion here.

Positive Action in Housing is an organisation to be admired for its
dedication to the cause of making people’s lives better – and for looking
past the red tape to see the individual, not the statistic.

to another year of making a difference.”

Clare Harris, Editor

The Big Issue in Scotland



wish Positive Action in Housing continued success in highlighting the
issues relating to the unfair treatment of asylum seekers, namely the dawn
raids, which were suffered such as the Vucaj family. Your peaceful
protests and vigils make sure that uncivilised behaviour by the
authorities does not go unchallenged and that the weaker members of
society have a champion and advocate. I
hope your day goes well and I look forward to being of assistance in the
future where possible.”

McGrigor, MSP

Highlands & Islands



have only been on the PAIH committee for under a year now however, having
said that, I noticed very quickly that all staff work extremely hard and
portray the enthusiasm and determination required for running PAIH
successfully. All staff form a “tight ship” when working and one can
see the effective communication within the organisation. The work that
Robina and the team are doing for their destitute clients needs a standing
ovation. Keep up the good work and good luck in all that you do next year.”

Khan, Employment Liaison


Minority Enterprise Centre



is very pleased to support Positive Action in Housing’s Building Links
project, helping BME groups and housing associations have more positive
and rewarding relationships. Best wishes for your AGM and for the years

Pauline Barbour, Director




you for your e-mail. Anyone who contributes to improving Scotland’s
Housing is contributing a great service to the nation and Positive Action
in Housing’s activities provide great assistance to many in need.”

Douglas-Hamilton, MSP



the first to admit that I have not had a lot of contact with PAIH, I feel
that I am still able to comment on the commitment, tenacity and dedication
with which Robina and her team approach the essential work carried out by
appreciate that the job must be far from easy and it is my view that it is
not a job, but rather a vocation, that you are are doing so, so well. So
it is with my admiration that I say congratulations on a productive year
and all the best for the next one.”


Mason Training



congratulations to all the staff and volunteers at PAIH for another
productive and hard-working year.
It’s great that all of you are so tireless, imaginative and effective in
picking up the pieces that result from discrimination, racism and poverty.
In a just world, the work of PAIH wouldn’t be necessary; I’m proud to be a
member of an organisation that is working so hard towards a world with
more justice and humanity. with admiration and best wishes”

Lucinda Broadbent

media co-op


Well done to all at Positive Action in Housing for all
your work over the past year. All the best 


Allan Green 

National Secretary 

Scottish Socialist Party



you for; 

All the networking you enable, for your contribution to the
freedom of useful information
for Asylum Seekers, Volunteers and the general public and 

for raising awareness of job opportunities within the voluntary and government agencies.

Keep up the good work.”


Elaine Hain, Volunteer

St David’s Knightswood Drop In.



“Good wishes to Positive Action in Housing for the coming year. The work done across a whole range of issues by PAH is impressive, as is the enthusiasm of the Director, staff and volunteers. Good community organisations are the life blood of civic society and can reach parts that official services sometimes cannot. As a Glasgow MSP, I appreciate the contribution of PAIH which is particularly important in these rather stressed times…” 

Robert Brown, MSP

Liberal Democrat, Glasgow


wish that POSITIVE ACTION IN HOUSING continues it’s mission in the name of
the divine word “humanity” because we are all “human

Pjeter PACANI, president



of the most basic human needs are shelter, warmth and safety. Positive
action in Housing has aided so many vulnerable and unrepresented people in
accessing comfortable and safe homes. Positive action in housing has
helped communities in fear of discrimination gain access to equal and fair
housing opportunities. Show Racism the Red Card appreciate the work done
by Positive action in housing in breaking down barriers and providing
equal access to services in Scotland.”

Zoobia Aslam, Campaign Worker

Show Racism the Red Card


want to thank you all at Positive Action for your commitment and
forward-thinking approach to housing and all issues related, also for your
ability to raise the profile of the many flaws in systems and processes
which have called into question the ‘humanitarianism’ of British society
at every level. You have acted as a ‘savior’ for many destitute asylum
seekers that I know. Your staff are an inspiration and a great knowledge
base; I love your informative Quickmail newsletter and am very grateful to
have your organisation as a invaluable resource and wish you all the
success in the future. Best wishes for a wonderful AGM.”


Nanguy, Govan Initiative Ltd.



would be only too easy for people like myself working in the Highlands to
be entirely ignorant of the needs of ethnic minority communities, refugees
and asylum seekers and to form our attitudes from media spin on the
issues. Being in touch with, and receiving information from, Positive
Action in Housing maintains an awareness of issues facing those
experiencing inequality in many aspects of their lives in our country. The
work of your organisation is vital in offering equal access to housing and
services for all and in ensuring that the rights of those most excluded by
our society are upheld. Many thanks for what you do and all good wishes
for your continued success.”

Cowan, Community Worker (Lochaber)

Age Concern Scotland



Dawn raids, and destitute asylum seekers in our neighbourhoods – these are
the headlines, which we all wish did not exist. Our congratulations to the
staff and volunteers at Positive Action in Housing for their commitment
and hard work to highlight the reality in our neighbourhoods. Please keep
up the good work.”


Petch, director, 

(housing associations’ charitable trust)


is an invaluable defender and mouthpiece for those who are struggling to
be acknowledged, accepted and heard. It is also an invaluable resource for
those trying to understand the system they find themselves ensured in.
From arranging emergency accommodation to disseminating information to
rubbish the lies surrounding some of the human beings it represents,
everything is done with passion and integrity. PAIH somehow manages to
inject a little bit of community feeling into the impersonal world that is
‘the city centre’. This is wholly down to the determined people who help
make it work.

I wish to express my support and solidarity with your sterling work.”

John Ferguson


persistence in supporting people who have suffered so much they have had
to leave their home is truly admirable. I am sure that your work to
highlight the plight of asylum seekers and refugees in the UK has engaged
a huge audience who would otherwise not have had such understanding of the
issues. Please, please continue your work to support asylum seekers and
refugees to this country and thank you. We will support you in whatever
way we can.”


Scott, Development

on Discrimination



a small token of appreciation from all at Morris Furniture for the work
that you and Positive Action on Housing are involved in during the year.
It is great to see with no personal gain the organisation you have
created, helping others to cope with their distress and getting them into
accommodation and a working life.

a wee message from a company saying keep up the good work and it certainly
does not go unrecognised.”


Furniture Group


Council supports the work and aims of Positive Action in Housing. As an
organisation, we are actively working towards the elimination of policies
and practices, which discriminate against customers or prospective
customers. We actively encourage feedback from our customers, as with
their help and input we will eliminate discrimination. We endorse
organisations such as “Positive Action in Housing”, who have
similar aims.”


Flynn, Community & Tenant Participation Co-ordinator



I congratulate the Positive Action in Housing for holding the A.G.

Second, I must acknowledge the fact that your Organisation doesn’t deal
with housing problems facing asylum seekers and refugees only, but also
with their general affairs to provide them with minimum normal life in
their new environments. I must also mention that I myself, after arriving
in Glasgow several years ago I seeked the assistance of your Org. to deal
with the rigid NASS housing regulations, and I have witnessed your sincere
efforts in this respect.

Again I wish the Positive Action in Housing all the luck and progress in
their job and humanitarian works.”


Al Shagra 

Journalist and secretary of the Iraqi Scottish (Home) Association


am a very proud 100% Scottish Borderer, I love Scotland, I want everyone
to love Scotland but PAIH has done one thing in my life, and that’s
highlighting those who are excluded from my Scotland. That’s unacceptable.
Women and children living in fear in Scotland is a disgrace, its not my
Scotland. Take the Vucaj family. Having been in Albania, I know the
conditions they are living in, and the pressure they are under. As a
mother, I can only imagine the fear and longing of the family having been
uprooted from a country I feel proud of most of the time, except in times
like this. I want to congratulate all of the staff and volunteers who made
this case visible to us all, and making it simple to be a working part of
“the team”. A formidable team making us all sit up and think,
act and offer the hand of friendship. Well done.”

Aileen Orr (Aileen Orr Consultancy)

SNP candidate Roxburgh & Berwickshire


has grown from strength to strength and has proved to be a very integral
element in community building throughout Scotland. Your individual efforts
Robina, and the general objectives of PAIH continue to resonate with the
increasing and challenging demands and aspirations of minority ethnic
communities in Scotland and maybe beyond. We do hope that your AGM will be
yet another forum to come with the requisite ideals to confront the cross
ethnic challenges that continue to face the Scottish society in
particular, and the UK populace in general. Our organisation looks forward
to even closer co-operation with PAIH. May God Bless you all.”



– Communities Integration Network (CIN)


a List MSP for the Central region in Scotland I am well aware of the
progress that your organisation has achieved in the past year.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate all those who have been
involved in this success and may I also wish well for the years ahead. Please keep up the good work.”


Swinburne, MSP



Scottish Trades Union Congress is delighted to send greetings to all at
the Positive Action in Housing AGM on 1 September 2006. Positive Action in
Housing carries out vital work in providing support to vulnerable people
in our communities. The STUC congratulates Positive Action in Housing on
another successful year, and in particular in its excellent work to help
asylum seekers find refuge, support and security in Scotland. All good
wishes for the year ahead.”





is one of our most effective and important human rights initiatives,
protecting those who are most vulnerable and systematically hated in Britain
today. Each life helped are ten lives saved from hopelessness. To have the
courage and skills to do what they do is truly impressive” 

Alibhai-Brown, Columnist 



know from recent email that it’s you AGM. I am therefore taking this
opportunity, as a resident of Glasgow, to thank you for the great work you
are doing in order to welcome and assist refugees to the city. In these
unnecessarily fearful times, PAiH shines like a great big humanitarian
beacon. Congratulations! Best
wishes for the future.”




Action in Housing does vital work in helping the most excluded in
Scotland, providing a strong voice and essential practical support to
those who are most in need and most often overlooked. I hope that your AGM
will be the start of another effective year.”


Orr, Chief Executive


Housing Association

would like to say that we value the work that you do with ethnic minority
groups on housing issues.

We wish you well for your continued work and success in the future and
appreciate the information which you distribute from time to time.

Luck for a very successful AGM and for the year ahead.”


Deacon, Head of Service

Planning and Development, CrossReach


organization is the one that removes sorrow from people’s hearts and bring
hope and succor to them.

You make them feel wanted in the society even as the government of the day
despise them. You prevent double tragedy in people’s lives-the tragedy of
leaving their cherished homes abroad to the tragedy of rejection in a
supposedly friendly land of United Kingdom.

bring hope to people who are hopeless and reflect the feelings of Scottish
society-welcoming and friendly people. Your organization has turned people’s
lives around and prevented tragedies like suicides and social vices by
providing home to the homeless and support to the vulnerable ones in

a spiritual note, your staff and management at all levels can not reap
enough reward (in terms of salary) in this world. The reward of hereafter
(for those that believe in it) is far more everlasting for engaging in
this charitable cause. I
wish your indefatigable energy more success. Thank you.”


Lateef Hakeem


we’re often unable to offer tangible support, it’s great to know that
there is an organisation and a group of dedicated people in Scotland who
do what you do.”




Trades Union Council

think you are doing an absolutely brilliant Job, and congratulate all your

I also love to hear (and see on the occasions I have managed to join you)
how you are all helping and supporting each other. This is the example
which can change the world.

I don’t know if you are aware of the Long Walk For Peace, If you can all
support it and we can spread it across the world then, People would not
need to seek asylum, but could help to build peace love and understanding
in there own country. Best Wishes

Rae Brady


Action in Housing has been in the forefront of actions that have
challenged injustices against one of the most vulnerable parts of
humankind. Destitute and forgotten by the authorities and even by their
fellow humankind-the displaced communities are already at the mercy of Machiavellian
systems and inhumane decisions-but out of that chaos comes order, safety
and dignity- that is where ‘positive action in housing’ -operates to
sustain and organise a system that allows a hope of humanity to enter the
lives of those that need it-the Scotland’s Oracle is proud to support the
work of PAIH in our publication”


Sajid, Editor



working to bring about a situation where everyone has a decent house, job
and income, where asylum seekers are welcomed are encouraged to work and
receive all the financial and other support they need, deserve and should
be entitled to. Indeed continue your work, so that people come here
because they want to, not because they have to, because there is no more
war, persecution, oppression, torture, famine or other catastrophes.”

Marion Hersh



work of PAIH has long been an enormous credit to Scotland and the west of
Scotland in particular. There would be an enormous gap in the services to
help the dispossessed, the homeless and the desperate if PAIH did not
exist. But PAIH does not just help those in need but speaks out on their
behalf also. Such advocacy and assistance is wonderful because in may ways
we live in troubled times.”

Bob Wylie, BBC Scotland



commend the work you have all been undertaking.

country should be judged by how it treats those in greatest need. Without
your work with refugees Scotland’s reputation as a friendly, caring place
would be much diminished.

is moral thing that you do. And in public life there is little enough

up your vital work over the next year and beyond.”

Stevenson, MSP

National Party



Scottish Afghan Society appreciate and fully support the work of PAIH. We
believe that many Afghan asylum seekers who were referred to PAIH have received
a practical help. Without PAIH many asylum seekers will have to sleep on
the streets of Glasgow. I congratulate you for the good work with asylum

Asif, Chair

Afghan Society



Action in Housing continues to be the first in Scotland to respond to the
needs of the most excluded members of our new communities. The staff and
volunteers have communicated effectively with thousands of individuals and
groups whenever action is required instead of another meeting to discuss
rather than solve problems. Our new neighbours in Glasgow can count on a
welcome, a referral and the best service anyone could offer. Positive
Action in Housing’s Old Dumbarton Road Shop was a brilliantly innovative
project that countless families and destitute individuals benefited from.
We celebrate another exhausting but immeasurably productive year and wish
the future brings resources, sustainable funding and good campaigning for
all at PAiH.”

Grandon on behalf of UMOJA INC



support Positive Action in Housing not only through affiliation fees and
sponsorship but also through joint working with you and your organisation.


have entered into a nominations agreement with yourselves which is already
proving mutually fruitful and we are happy to be associated with Positive
Action in Housing via your “Building Links” Project.


value the input into the Selection & Recruitment Procedures which, if
followed to the letter, eliminate discrimination against all minority


wish you a successful AGM and year ahead and look forward to exploring
further ways of cooperative working.”

Sweeney, Director 




am very sorry indeed that, owing to distance, I shan’t be able to be at
the AGM. I would like to wish all present a very productive meeting and to
send congratulations to all who work for Positive Action on what they have
done during the past year.

Action is a very important organisation for Glasgow and, I think, for
Scotland as a whole. It is an example of compassion, advocacy and action
all combined, which keeps many vital issues about housing and about the
plight of those without support and those who are in danger of being
unjustly uprooted in the public eye. I admire you and what you do.

a token of support for PAIH’s work, I am today posting a cheque for £50 –
I wish it were more, but I believe (as PAIH so obviously does) that it is
better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” 


Professor of Adult and Continuing Education, University of Glasgow



Action in Housing is one of those few organisations that joins the dots.
One of the most refreshing things about PAIH is that it refuses to mouth
platitudes, spin and jargon but calls a spade, a spade. Its work at the
graaroots for people made desperate, fugitive and destitute by
neo-liberal global militaristic economics combined with a keen political
acumen and a refusal to shut up, render PAIH an important organ of civil
society. It effectively and in a lucid manner engages in a discourse
which mainstream political craft and corporate media alike have
disingenuously eschewed for too long, but which more and more people are
coming to see is at the root of many of the ills of the world, locally,
nationally and globally. The extent to which the powerful are irritated
by PAIH (and clearly, they are!) is a good measure of its effectiveness
in raising discomfiting issues. Good work, PAIH and all who sail in your
ship!” Suhayl Saadi



work Positive Action in Housing do with destitute individuals and
families, is inspiring and very humble and has raised awareness of the
seriousness of this problem” 

Laura McCaig, Citizens Advice Direct


joined the Housing Association movement some 16 years ago I have
witnessed some strange and wonderful decisions made by our masters in
high govt.

One of the most bizarre was when a decision was taken to house refugees
in accommodation that was deemed to be unfit for general public use.
Having done this we then tried to integrate these poor unfortunates into
a society that had little or no perception as to why these folk had
arrived on our shores. We encouraged them to send their children to
school and to try and make a better life for themselves. Having done
this we then reward them by forcibly removing them from THEIR HOMES and
sending them off in the middle of the night to god knows where.


Well done.”

Mike G Murray, Langstane HA

Shaws Housing Organisation would like to take the opportunity to say
well done to all the staff, volunteers, and management committee of
Positive Action in Housing for the sterling work put in to ensure
equality for all to enable everyone to achieve good, quality, affordable
and safe homes, free from discrimination and fear of racial
discrimination. A job well done.”


McCabe, New Shaws Housing Organisation


the time of the first arrival of NASS dispersed asylum seekers to
Glasgow, Positive Action in Housing has taken a lead role in addressing
issues relevant to this group. It has argued and cajoled to change
policy, but also worked to provide practical support in terms of
casework, and humanitarian aid. Positive Action in Housing has also
provided volunteering opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees,
increasing their chances of getting a firm foothold in Glasgow life.

controversial and usually impossible to ignore, we hope that Positive
Action in Housing continues to stimulate debate and action across its
range of work, including improving access to decent housing for Scotland’s
indigenous Black and Minority Ethnic people and populations, which is an
essential part of challenging racism in our country. Glasgow Anti Racist
Alliance therefore wishes Positive Action in Housing success in the next
year and beyond.”


Haria Director, Glasgow Anti Racist


think the work done on behalf of those who are destitute is particularly
important because it seems that nobody else can react quickly when it is
absolutely critical. It is also an indictment of the state of our public
services that they can not act towards strangers in a way which is
generous and humane when it would make such a difference. Keep up the good


Shaw, Lecturer

Higher and Community Education, University of Edinburgh


in a personal capacity).

someone committed to supporting asylum seekers here in Wales it has been a
help to receive emails from Positive Action in Housing informing me what’s
happening in Scotland. The proactive stand of PAIH which isn’t ashamed to
step on toes and kick up a stink is an inspiration to us all.

you the very best for the next year!”


Williams from Swansea


on the work that you and PAIH have been doing in the last year towards a
more just deal for individuals and families who are regarded as seeking
‘asylum’ in Scotland. Your work is both inspiring and much needed.

best wishes” “ Kathy

Development Manager , Food for Thought
Glasgow ltd


wish to place on record our thanks and appreciation for your efforts
during our recent campaign to stop removals of asylum seeker families from
our community. Your support in the form of a press conference and speaking
at the very well attended public meeting was certainly instrumental in
having Glasgow City Council negotiate the three month transition period,
without which families were facing the prospect of removal over ten miles
away, causing severance of existing support and damage to the education of
many children.

of us who serve on Pollokshaws Resettlement & Integration Network and
all of us who are involved in housing and homelessness issues do
appreciate the work of PAIH.

Deans, Chair and Bill Speirs, Director and Trustee

Pollokshaws Burgh Hall Trust


Transport & General Workers Union is the recognised trade union for
Housing Association staff. Our Housing Branch organises over 1200 staff
working in over 100 Housing Associations across Scotland.


Branch has been an affiliate of PAIH for over a decade and is proud to
support and be identified with PAIH’s campaigning work. Along with PAIH
our branch helped launch the Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees six
years ago.


diversity of membership within the T&G reflects the multicultural
society of the UK. Our union wants to ensure that this diversity of
membership is fully reflected in everything we do, including
representation, policy-making, organisation and recruitment. This is one
of the reason’s why our union is opposed to British foreign policy and
Government attacks on civil liberties.


salute PAIH for its fantastic endeavors in the field of anti racism,
asylum rights and civil liberties. We send our support and best wishes to
PAIH and look forward to working with you in the coming year.”


Sherry, Branch Secretary

Transport & General Workers Union


are delighted to have been able to provide good quality, affordable
accommodation to many of Positive Action’s clients. We hope to build on
our joint successes to date and we look forward to working with you on a
new 3-way partnership to promote equalities and diversity in Housing.”


Le Sage

Apna Ghar Housing 


National Union of Journalists Scottish Office is delighted to have a close
working relationship with your organisation. The essential work you carry
out providing much-needed support to vulnerable individuals and
highlighting the inequalities of our society is held in the highest esteem
by NUJ staff and members. We wish you all the continued success you
deserve over the next year and foreseeable future.”


Holleran, NUJ Scottish Organiser


“Congratulations and greetings to all the staff, volunteers and management
committee of Positive Action in Housing for all your hard work, skill and
commitment. On behalf of the glasgow Campaign to Welcome refugees I would
like to thank you for all you have done to help Glasgow’s refugee
community in the past year and look forward to working together with you
in the next year to continue our work, not least in the recent and
continuing housing crisis caused by the partial privatisation of housing
arrangements for refugees in Glasgow.”


Morris, Chair, 

Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees


“I have taken
part in a slightly passive way in your many projects. This does not mean
that I do not tell many about your tireless work. I personally am filled
with admiration for you.

At a time when
governments and their civil servants can show very little real empathy and
concern for the underclasses and the underdogs of our society and when
many peoples’ human rights can be abused in spite of our so-called
adherence to certain principles, you and your organisation have been
beacons of light in your tireless campaigning for better conditions for
many decent people. The plight of the Turkish and Albanian families made
me realise more than ever that there were so many not only decent but
intelligent people with many varying skills from many parts of the world
who would enrich and not weaken our life style. The ruthless way they were
deported was disgraceful. I was aware that many of our politicians from
all areas of the political spectrum felt this too. It meant a real loss to
the colourful patchwork of our society.


I wish
you a very bright future in your campaigning activities and I hope in
future to be more proactive.”


Tyrrell, Scottish Parliament Information Centre 



“For everyone
born, a place at the table, 

For everyone
born, clean water and bread 

A shelter, a
space, as safe place for growing, 

For everyone
born, a star overhead


And god will

When we are
creators of justice and joy, 

Yes, god will

When we are
creators of justice, 

Justice and joy!


For woman and
man, are place at the table, 

Revising the
roles, deciding the share, 

With wisdom and
grace, dividing the power, 

For woman and
man, a system that’s fair.


For young and
for old, a place at the table 

A voice to be
heard .a part in the song 

The hands of a
child in the hands kind and wrinkled, 

For young and
for old, the right to be long.


For just and
unjust a place at the table 

Abuser, abused,
with need to forgive 

In anger, in
hurt, a mind-set of mercy, 

For just and
unjust a new way to live.

For everyone
born, a place at the table , 

To work , and to
speak out ,to witness and worship, 

For everyone
born, the right to be free. 

Let There Be


Respect for the

Peace for its

Love in our

Delight in the

Forgiveness for
past wrongs 

And from today a
new start”


Rae Brady


behalf of myself as a serving officer of the Leicestershire Police may I
congratulate you and your team on the dedicated work you continue to do on
behalf of PAIH. Your peaceful protests and methods raise awareness of
acute problems of marginalisation in Scotland.

continued commitment that I have seen you shown personally and dedicated
to the cause of race equality and Human Rights is required in your area.

umbrella organisation which has “teeth” and is able to challenge
is a pre requisite for challenging unfairness. All over the country there
will be anti racist activists and campaigners and I remain one also that
is inspired here by your good deeds.

of what I may write in the Leicester Mercury or Police Review about race
is directly linked to what I hear of the experiences of friends like
yourself in Scotland. In your deeds and words you clearly maintain this is
one world. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “If there was nothing
wrong in the world, there wouldn’t be anything for us to do.” There
is Hindu saying, “We exist to give. We exist to do good.” You
folks must not sway from this.”







take this opportunity to wish everyone at PAIH well and I hope your AGM is
a great success.”

David Minnery, Chairperson

East Renfrewshire Tenants & Residents Federation

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