14 May 2022

Statement on the first anniversary of the Failed Immigration Raid on Kenmure Street 

As public sympathy for the plight of refugees and immigrants continues to grow, the Home Secretary Priti Patel is expected to see more humiliating failures as in the form of peaceful civil disobedience.

16 April 2022

The refugee policy of this country  should be clear by now

The refugee policy of this country  should be clear by now. It’s not about saving refugees skins it’s about saving this governments skin.

14 April 2022

Home Office Rwanda Plans for Refugees Will Inflict More Torture

The government’s plan to send refugees to offshore processing centres in Rwanda will torture and persecute those who have been tortured and persecuted.

8 April 2022

U.K. Visas An “Administrative War Crime”

Boiler checks and the number of rooms take precedence over getting civilians out of a war zone, our investigation finds.

5 April 2022

The UK Continues To Hold Back War Refugees Leaving Many To Die Waiting for Visas in Warzones

Another lesson in how to hold back war refugees from the UK Government: Make refugees apply for visas while they wait in their apartments for over two weeks and counting. As the bombs get closer, the ones in Eastern Ukraine, Donbas, Donetsk will not be able to get out even if you grant a visa. Real life cases happening now.

5 April 2022

This is what refugee “hosting” looks like

Jo Haythorthwaite, a retired Librarian from Glasgow, has hosted around thirteen guests through Positive Action in Housing's Room for Refugees Network. Here she is pictured with some of the people who have stayed with her over the years. In fact, Jo was amongst the first to offer to take…

2 April 2022

Mark These Words

Refugees Minister Richard Harrington Promises Those Fleeing Ukraine Won’t Wait More Than Two Days

2 April 2022

Information for Ukrainians fleeing Ukraine because of the war.

This briefing advises Ukrainians about routes to the U.K. or Ireland. It also helps you find a U.K. Sponsor safely. We have significantly revised this advice because of safeguarding risks and delays arising from the “Homes for Ukraine Scheme”. it is based on our staff and volunteers assisting over 650 families and individuals registered with us who are in war zones in Ukraine or in bordering countries.

29 March 2022

Ukraine: Room for Refugees and How It Works

We live in a country whose government is uniquely forcing war refugees to get visas like holiday tourists with time on their hands. It has unleashed safeguarding breaches on an industrial scale by forcing children and young people to turn to social media for "sponsors", exchanging personal details with strangers.

28 March 2022

Michael Gove’s Homes for Ukraine is a Human Traffickers Charter

Michael Gove’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme has driven tens of thousands of people onto Facebook where “sponsors” and refugees search for each other, sharing personal information. But Europol has issued an early notification warning advising of the dangers of people trafficking for sex, Labour and organs.

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