News June 2020


30 June 2020


SUPPORT THESE KEY DEMANDS Then add your name in support by clicking here 1. We call on the Mears Group to arrange for the immediate return of 370 people to residential homes. We know that the serviced accommodation providers still have many available homes that Mears uprooted people from. 2. We call on…


30 June 2020

Deadly Accommodation Crisis for Glasgow’s Hotel Asylum Seekers

Support the demand for a public inquiry In September 2019, the Home Office awarded Mears Group a 10 year asylum contract worth £1B to provide housing for vulnerable asylum seekers in Scotland and England. In March/April 2020 the Mears Group breached the Scottish Government’s Lockdown and forcibly moved 370 vulnerable…


30 June 2020

Home Office Minister Chris Philp Claims NO Covid 19 Cases

In his response  , on Monday 29 June 2020, to an urgent question from Alison Thewliss MP about support for asylum seekers, Chris Philp MP, Home Office Minister said: “Among those people accommodated in hotels there has not been a single confirmed case of coronavirus and therefore the steps…


29 June 2020

Park Inn Asylum Seekers Commend Bravery of Police Officer

Positive Action in Housing was among those who raised concerns after Mears moved asylum seekers from self-contained accommodation to hotels. A press conference held by the charity heard that some of the asylum seekers staying there were “desperate and vulnerable”. The asylum seekers said many of them had…


27 June 2020

Park Inn Tragedy

Yesterday’s tragic incident in Glasgow – where one man was killed and six people including a police officer were injured -made headlines news around the world. It happened just yards away, on the very street where our office is based. The Park Inn tragedy underlines our concerns about…


14 June 2020

Adnan’s Journey

Adnan Walid Elbi, a Syrian asylum seeker, died in Room 50 of the Mclays Guest House in Glasgow earlier this year. The Mears Group, a Home Office sub contracted asylum landlord, forcibly moved him there during the Global Pandemic and Lockdown. Adnan’s family were left devastated by his death. …


5 June 2020

After George Floyd: How to be an anti racist ally

This week has seen protests worldwide in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. People of all colours and all political parties have joined the protests in America. Globally, people now recognise we can’t go on without addressing the problems of systemic racism and police brutality. #BlackLivesMatter began in 2013 after…

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