News October 2020


30 October 2020

Baby Adriel and his Father Granted Asylum

We are pleased to confirm that Eric Nnana and his baby son Adriel, aged one, have now been granted asylum in the U.K. Thank you to PM Boris Johnson for agreeing to intervene in the family’s case. Also to David Linden MP, Fraser Latta and Hannah Cosgrove…


23 October 2020

25th Impact Report 2019/20

Positive in Housing’s 25th Annual Impact Report was launched today at its AGM via Zoom amongst the charity’s member organisations from Scottish housing associations, BME organisations, Refugee groups and homelessness organisations, trade unions as well as service users and volunteers involved with the charity. 2020 will be…


13 October 2020

Covid 19 outbreak at Dungavel

First Mclays Guest House in Glasgow, and now Dungavel Detention Centre has suffered a Covid outbreak. It’s the first rule of a global pandemic, isn’t it. Don’t crowd people together or they are at risk of all catching this virus. It saves them and…


8 October 2020

Home Office to be investigated over death of Mercy

Robina Qureshi, said: “It would seem Mears Group did not take any steps to raise the alarm when Mercy was not answering the door at the pre-arranged time for rehousing. “Mears Group also did not provide an address which resulted in Eric not having basic contact information for…


5 October 2020

Response to Priti Patel’s comments on “broken” asylum system

Robina Qureshi, Director of the non profit refugee and migrant homelessness charity Positive Action in Housing, said: “The Home Secretary cannot go against the UN Refugee Convention and illegally arrest people who are exercising their basic human rights to seek sanctuary here. It is not illegal for people to…


5 October 2020

Covid cases triple amongst asylum seekers in Glasgow hotel

The numbers of confirmed Covid Cases at the Mclays Guesthouse in Glasgow have tripled to three since Friday.  Yet, Mears has still not committed to testing people inside the hotel for Covid 19, leading to fears that all residents and staff could eventually catch the virus if something proactive is…


3 October 2020

Open letter from Glasgow asylum seekers calls for Covid 19 testing

Asylum seekers locked down with other confirmed cases of Covid 19 at Mclays Guest House in Glasgow have written an open letter (see below) to the Home Secretary pleading to be tested immediately and then relocated out of the hotel into private unshared accommodation if their tests prove negative. Positive Action…


3 October 2020

Update on Mclays Lockdown – 3 new Covid cases and still no tests.

This morning, two hours after we published an open letter to the Home Secretary, from asylum seekers at Mclays, on our blog, Steve Robbins from Mears Group sent an email at 10.00 AM to a mailing list for third sector organisations in Glasgow (which Positive Action in…


1 October 2020

Covid 19 Case Confirmed at Glasgow Guesthouse Housing asylum seekers

A Covid 19 case has been confirmed at the Mclays Guest House in Glasgow.  Three others staying at the Guest House are symptomatic and coronavirus tests are being arranged. Residents at Mclays Guesthouse in Glasgow have told us that Mears will not test them for Covid 19 unless they have symptoms.…

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