News June 2022


20 June 2022

The Home Secretary’s Treatment of Refugees With No Safe Route is Racist - Not the ECHR

After the hugely embarrassing and costly failure of that Rwanda flight, Priti Patel now claims that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is “racist” for preventing the UK from sending refugees - including torture survivors - to Rwanda. It is the decision to dump war refugees from Africa and the Middle East in Rwanda - with a questionable human rights record - while providing safe routes to refugees from Ukraine - that is racist.


15 June 2022

The Rwanda Flight Was Cancelled - But the fight continues for safe routes and an end to this barbaric policy

Campaigners and lawyers across the UK are celebrating the cancellation of the inaugural Rwanda flight. 130 asylum seekers were to be effectively dumped in Rwanda with absolutely no support system of any kind, no family connection, no language connection, no cultural connection, no basic guarantee of human rights, no prospect of education, work, or a liveable life, in fact no reason to be there at all. By yesterday, seven were at risk, and in the end no one travelled.


13 June 2022

ALL PRIVILEGE - NO STYLE : Immoral Rwanda flight to go ahead

Protests are planned across the country on the eve of the government’s first refugee deportation flight to Rwanda, with only one airline - Spanish run Privilege Style, agreeing to take part.


10 June 2022

Obituary: Sally Beaumont 1935-2022

Sally Beaumont has died peacefully at home, aged 87, on June 9th 2022. Sally was one of our longest standing volunteers and was involved with our Room for Refugees programme since the start and helped to shape the pioneering programme that has to date sheltered and transformed the lives of more than 4,000 men , women and children from refugee backgrounds.


8 June 2022

An update

This update touches on the Ukraine Crisis, the differential treatment of war refugees, and the silence surrounding refugees kept in hotels for months on end.


5 June 2022

The Ukrainian children at the mercy of UK’s refugee scheme

Under-18s travelling alone not permitted to be hosted under Homes for Ukraine programme, leaving them with no route to UKRussia-Ukraine war: latest updates


2 June 2022

A look at UK Asylum policy

Depending on where you come from in the world, war refugees will either be cautiously welcomed to the UK or left to drown in their thousands, if not locked up, left destitute or sent to Rwanda forever.

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