News January 2023


25 January 2023

Glasgow asylum family homeless after ‘Home Office failures’

A FAMILY seeking asylum in the UK has been left "traumatised" by a 12-hour ordeal during which a string of failures saw them leave their home and wait hours in sub-zero temperatures, be picked up by police and then moved across the country to Newcastle then York.


23 January 2023

The treatment of the Okwo family

On Monday 16 January, Henry and Blessing Okwo with their three children aged 4 months (Henry), 2 years (Beauty) and 4 years old (Ferdinand) endured sub-zero temperatures for over 12 hours in Glasgow after a catalogue of indifference, safeguarding failures and outright neglect by those who should know better, the Home Office, its contractors Migrant Help, Mears Group and the Police. What happened to this family is the tip of the iceberg. What you're about to read are the facts according to Henry and Blessing Okwo backed up by screenshots, photos and messages. This is happening to many others whose voices are simply not heard. In this case, as soon as people realised what happened, they showered this family with love.


11 January 2023

Investigation finds migrants sleeping in cars outside Homeless hostels in Edinburgh

An investigation has highlighted that dozens of migrants are sleeping in cars after being evicted from ­homeless ­accommodation in Scotland’s tourist capital, Edinburgh.


9 January 2023

The Ticket Bank launches in January to help people access cultural events

Launching on Monday 9 January as a one-year programme, The Ticket Bank will make an estimated 1,000 tickets a week available to those who would otherwise not be able to afford to engage with culture during the cost-of-living crisis.

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