News March 2023


20 March 2023

Template Letter Against the Illegal Migration Bill

At Positive Action in Housing, we are profoundly concerned about the implications of the Illegal Migration Bill. Outlawing people from accessing asylum in the UK where they have not arrived through state-endorsed routes, this Bill would act as a ban on asylum, punishing people when it should be protecting them.


15 March 2023

UNHCR Profoundly Concerned by UK Asylum Bill

In its current form, the “Illegal Migration” Bill compels the Home Secretary to deny access to the UK asylum system to those who arrive irregularly. Rather than being provided with protection, these asylum-seekers would instead be subject to detention in the UK, while arrangements are pursued to remove them to another country. 


13 March 2023

We need to #StartSafeRoutes

Whilst 160,000 people wait in a backlog for asylum decisions, far-right targeting of people seeking asylum increases, and inflammatory language continues to be used by the Home Secretary, the UK Home Office has announced their Illegal Migration Bill. The policy is an attempt to #StopTheBoats by effectively banning people who cross the Channel in small boats from claiming asylum. 


8 March 2023

Resist Racism - join the march

Saturday 18 March 2023 Glasgow


7 March 2023

Words that can start fires

It’s not just the lack of safe routes that is pushing desperate people into small boats, it’s also the government's racist rhetoric.


3 March 2023

Palestinian poet drowns trying to reach Europe

A young Palestinian man and a father from Gaza named Mahmoud Bakir wrote a poem in February 2021 about why he is fleeing and expecting his death during the journey by sea. Mahmoud sank today while attempting to reach Europe.

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