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30 July 2018

Serco’s plans to evict 300 asylum seekers onto the streets of Glasgow

Refugee homelessness charity, Positive Action in Housing, has condemned plans by Rupert Soames’ Serco group to evict 300 asylum seeker families and lone men and women, many of whom are fleeing war or persecution in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, onto the streets of Glasgow. Robina Qureshi, Director of Positive Action…


24 June 2018


Pauline McNeill MSP is making a sincere and admirable call for annual visits to Dungavel. However, unless these are unannounced , MSPs will simply become part of the PR of a prepared visit. The compliant detainees will be brought out to meet the delegation. Meanwhile, the suicidal ones, the self harmers,…


10 May 2018

Day 9: A better day for Syrian Refugee, Shabaz

Shabaz is eating a little today from his hospital bed. His father, Sivan, remains by his side 24/7.  Friends and family visit.  However, Shabaz is displaying high levels of anxiety, flashbacks and tearfulness. His father says each times he wakes he screams out in fear and begins crying. The…


2 May 2018

A 43 year old care home worker and single mother is about to lose her job and home because of the hostile environment

Write toPriscilla O‘s employer – Ask Priscilla’s employer to reinstate her until the Home Office verifies her application for indefinite leave to remain.See model letter here. May 3rd 2018 update – Good news – after some social media coverage, the home Office has agreed to…


16 March 2018


“As we go about our day to day work, the people we try to help rebuild their lives speak of feeling constant fear from government policy and on the streets and in peoples faces. And equally, I know I fear for my own family, my community and wider society.…


12 March 2018

Refugees claim they are being intimidated from their homes after Home Office rejects right to stay in Scotland

Karin Goodwin, Sunday Herald THE multi-national corporation Serco, which provides housing to asylum seekers, has been accused of trying to force refused refugees – including families with children – out of their homes using harassment and bullying rather than the eviction process laid down by Scottish law. The claims come…


8 March 2018

Comment: Stop downplaying the experience of racism in Scotland

As a charity directly helping vulnerable refugees, migrants and minorities we call on public bodies to STOP downplaying the experience of racism in Scotland. Racist and religious hate crime is by far the most prevalent of ALL hate crimes in Scotland and we are sick and tired of this issue…

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