Our Submission to the Legislative Scrutiny on the Illegal Migration Bill

13 July 2023

The Joint Committee on Human Rights has released its report scrutinising the Illegal Migration Bill, drawing on evidence from across civil society on the potential implications of this Bill that would change the face of asylum across the UK.

Positive Action in Housing submitted evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights to fulfil their Legislative Scrutiny of the Illegal Migration Bill in April 2023. 

The Joint Committee has now released its report, concluding that the Illegal Migration Bill defies international human rights law pertaining to the protection of people seeking safety, citing a potential increase in the risk of death and exploitation of those arriving in the UK. The report states that the Bill is not compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights, and calls for international co-operation in the pursuit and preservation of an effective global refugee protection system. 

You can read the full Joint Committee report here. Our evidence is available here

"This Bill demonstrates a flagrant disregard for international human rights legislation, extinguishing the right to seek refugee protection in the United Kingdom, no matter how genuine and compelling their case may be, and with no consideration of their individual circumstance. Directly undermining the universality of human rights, this Bill would make asylum a severely limited and exclusive status". 

Iona Taylor- Advocacy and Campaigns Lead

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