HC2 certificates (full help with health costs)

This briefing tells you how to get full help with your healthcare expenses.

Healthcare for refugees and asylum seekers

If you are an asylum seeker or a refugee living in Scotland, you have the right to NHS healthcare while you are here. 

To get help with all your health care, teeth and eyes, you need an HC2 certificate.

An HC2 certificate allows you to get full help with your healthcare costs. More.

To get an HC2 certificate, you need to fill in an HC1 form.

Download the HC1 form and fill it in in order to get an HC2 Certificate. After you fill it in, you need to put it in an envelope and post it. 

Where to send your HC1 - Post it to:

NHS Low Income Scheme
NHS Business Services Authority
Bridge House
152 Pilgrim Street
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE1 6SN 

You will need to use a stamp.

Renew your certificate

If you already have an HC2 or HC3 certificate through the NHS Low Income Scheme and would like to renew it, you will still need to complete a new HC1 form.

If you apply to the NHS Low Income Scheme and receive an HC2 certificate for full help with health costs, you’re entitled to:

  • free NHS prescriptions
  • free NHS dental treatment
  • free NHS sight tests
  • help with the cost of glasses or contact lenses
  • help with the cost of travelling to receive NHS treatment
  • free NHS wigs and fabric supports

It's your responsibility to check your certificate's expiry date.

Additional info:

Tel: 0300 330 1343 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm and Saturday, 9am to 3pm) and ask them to send you an HC2 certificate.

Website: www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk 
Contact form: nhsbsa-live.powerappsportals.com/contact-us/ 

More about the low income scheme on the Scottish government website

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