Urgent appeal to help Palestinian family evacuate from Gaza

24 February 2024

As the situation in Gaza deteriorates further, with images of starved babies being shared across media platforms worldwide, we are calling on our supporters to donate to this urgent appeal to assist Hashem, a Palestinian doctor supported by Positive Action in Housing since March 2023, to evacuate his mother, Iman, sister and extended family from Gaza, Palestine.

Hashem and his mother Iman who is trapped in Gaza with his little sister.


Update: Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Iman Gaza appeal. We have so far raised almost 25% of the target figure of £16K overnight to evacuate Dr Hashem Salim's mother Iman, his little sister and his wife's parents and young siblings. 

Hashem is a member of our refugee community at Positive Action in Housing. Things are more urgent now as we have learnt that “military operations” have been announced to take place in Rafah on the first day of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. March 8th.

Hashem's mother and sister are staying 25 to a windowless room in Rafah near the Egyptian border.  They are starving. Last night they shared one tin of favre beans. Their only meal in two days.

So please donate whatever you can and state your name when you donate to encourage others, and please please share and repost this appeal.

“To save one life is to save all of humanity”

We urge our supporters to donate whatever you can and share this across your social media and with friends, family and colleagues. We have so far raised £4,000 overnight, and have only a few days to raise £12,000.

Donate now and share: Here is the link to the appeal for anyone who wants to donate.

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