Emergency Relief Fund

The Emergency Relief Fund directly responds to the growing demand for a rapid humanitarian response in times of crisis. It helps those who are facing severe hardship due to poverty or homelessness. Donations from people like you make this possible.

Why We Do This

This Fund is a vital lifeline to our service users because of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, skyrocketing food and energy prices, and the deep financial strain on immigrants and asylum seekers. Many of these individuals are forced to survive on as little as £9 a week for months, sometimes over a year, because the UK Government forbids them to work.

How We Helped This Year

In 2023-24, we tried something new by distributing E-vouchers, which allowed us to reach refugees and asylum seekers across Scotland more effectively.

What We Achieved in 2023-24

Funds Distributed: £138,872 (In 2022-23, we distributed £178,075 in general charitable funds, individual appeals, emergency crisis vouchers, grants, and digital devices. This was a 54% increase from the previous year, much higher than pre-pandemic levels)

People Helped: 1,309 individuals from 52 countries, including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Sudan, and Ukraine.

938 adults

371 children

What Your Support Made Possible

With your support, we provided:

  • Food and clothing vouchers (Tesco/Aldi/Primark)
  • Energy-saving measures and grants
  • Travel grants and bus passes
  • Crisis vouchers for phone top-ups and digital devices (phones, WiFi dongles, laptops)
  • Hospital bags and items for new mothers and babies
  • Resettlement grants for refugee families
  • Crisis support for Palestinians with family members in Gaza

Our annual winter surgery in December 2023 distributed crisis support totalling over £50,000 to more than 400 families and individuals from refugee communities facing homelessness, destitution, and poverty.

Regular donations help us plan life-saving interventions.

Coping with the Cost of Living Crisis

The cost-of-living crisis has hit hard. We've been helping people reduce their heating bills by providing electric blankets and body warmers. This way, they can avoid eviction due to unpaid rent and still afford food for their families.

Special Appeals

  • Turkey/Syria Earthquake Appeal: We donated £7,643.96 in 2023-24 after raising funds from amongst our members and supporters.
  • Support for Gaza: We raised over £30,000 through a GoFundMe campaign to help nine family members leave Gaza for Cairo.
  • Education Grant: We provided £630 for a refugee postgraduate student to continue their studies.
  • General Charitable Causes: We donated £2,300 to charitable and antiracist initiatives, including Outdoors for You, Hamnawa Community, Dreams United football team, and Stand Up To Racism.

Separate Pool of Emergency Funding

By having a separate pool of emergency funding, Positive Action in Housing can reach those in greatest need quickly; this is also an excellent way for regular givers to support emergency relief for the poorest and most vulnerable service users among the refugee and asylum-seeking communities we support. When a crisis strikes, the Emergency Relief Fund means we can respond quickly, making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected.

Thank you for making the Emergency Relief Fund a lifeline for so many in need. Your generosity helps people rebuild their lives with dignity and hope.

To donate to the fund, visit our donate page.

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