Room for Refugees

The Room for Refugees Network helps men, women and children who are fleeing for their lives to rebuild their lives.

Ali, stayed with a family in Edinburgh when he first became homeless following the Syrian crisis case study

Positive Action in Housing (SCO27577) has been helping refugees and minority ethnic communities since 1995. We pioneered Room for Refugees, the oldest and longest established refugee hosting programme in the U.K. with 17,000 volunteer hosts. 

Room for Refugees is currently registering and matching refugees from Ukraine with sponsors across the U.K.

We’re part of a worldwide movement committed to building a modern-day underground railroad of dedicated people who are defying the indifference of governments to the global refugee crisis by lending a helping hand to men, women and children risking their lives for a better future.

Thanks for your interest in offering free shelter to help fellow humans rebuild their lives. Read about us in the Guardian

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Could you offer temporary shelter to someone forced to flee their country who does not have the means to support themselves?  If so, you could be a host with Room for Refugees.

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