Winter Appeal

24 November 2019

Supporting destitute refugees, asylum seekers and those with NRPF

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About this Appeal

This winter 2020,70.3 million people have been forced from their homes. (That’s an increase of 9.2M since last year). 26M are refugees fleeing war and persecution (an increase of 1M since last year).

In Scotland and the rest of the UK, the number of destitute and insecurely housed refugees and asylum seeking children, families, women and men has risen.Winter is the toughest time for the people we support throughout the year. It’s doubly hard being far away from loved ones at a time when families traditionally getting together for Christmas.

Positive Action in Housing’s LifeLine Service has been providing  winter emergency relief for over 18 years, assisting homeless and destitute refugees and asylum seekers.

New refugees are routinely left homeless despite being entitled to support.

Asylum seekers are often tossed between destitution and Home Office support at crucial stages in their asylum claim; this can go on for months or years before getting the right to remain. It delays resettlement and the country loses taxes that could have been gained from people being in Paid work sooner.

Refused asylum seekers have no right to housing, jobs or state support.

The Lifeline Service provides a breathing space so that people can begin to work out their options with the support of their lawyer, caseworker and other support network.

This unique approach has produced life-transforming outcomes for people left without hope.

In 2019/20, the charity aided 1,440 refugees & asylum seekers from mainly Syria, Eritrea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine and Yemen on the brink of destitution at crucial stages in their settlement.

We provided 43K nights of shelter and distributed almost £60K from our Emergency Relief Fund – providing a genuine lifeline.

Most of the people we assist make progress towards rebuilding their lives. This could be through having a place of safety to stay while they work on rebuilding their life, re-engaging with lawyers, getting Section 4 support, getting their case looked at again by the Home Office, or getting leave to remain.

With your help, we can save more lives this winter, helping vulnerable people find emergency relief in the short term, and long term resolution.

This Winter Appeal helps vulnerable refugees and asylum seeking families, children, pregnant women, the elderly and sick survive the harsh winter period on their journey to building positive futures as equal citizens in our community. We will focus on assisting those at risk of exploitation: unaccompanied children, families, pregnant woman, the elderly and sick, and lone individuals living in poverty and people with health problems/disabilities.

As well as arranging shelter, our Winter Surgery provides bus passes, food vouchers and hygiene packs, with books and art materials for children. We will also provide crisis grants to ensure people in these vulnerable and at-risk groups living in Glasgow and the wider U.K., do not go hungry, cold, or forced to live on the street.

Ways to give

Any donation you give, no matter how modest, is greatly appreciated, with every penny spent on providing direct emergency relief. Regular donations are particularly helpful as they help us plan out our support.

Write a cheque payable to Positive Action in Housing (Winter Appeal) and post to Positive Action in Housing Ltd ‪98 West George Street, Glasgow G2 1PJ‬ (Remember to include your full name, address and email and tell us if we can reclaim gift Aid on your donation – email

Donate online using CAF  , Justgiving or  Paypal Giving  

Give a regular amount each month to help us plan our support.

Companies or small businesses wishing to give a donation can request an invoice for tax/auditing purposes, just email For other ways to give, go to

how your gift can help

£250 will provide valuable advice and information to 10 families facing destitution, insecure housing or unlawful eviction to help resolve their crisis.

£165 will provide food and shelter through our Room for Refugees Network and a viable forward plan for a family of four for 3 months.

£100 will provide a winter survival kit, food and warm winter wear for a mother and child from Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Pakistan and Iraq, to get through the winter.

£65 will provide a family of four from Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Pakistan and Iraq with enough nutritious food for one whole month.

£30 will provide a vulnerable person living in poverty with a roof over their head, a hot meal, and a warm shower, as well as access to a support worker through our Room for Refugees Network

This appeal is supported by Scottish trade unions, Registered Social Landlords, trade unions, educational bodies, companies, faith groups, charitable trusts and members of the public. Thanks to Shelter Scotland, Provanhall Housing Association, Queens Cross HA, Unison, Unite the Union Scotland, EIS, Accord Energy and many other organisations who are supporting this appeal – more logos to follow …

Thank you for helping


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