Room for Refugees

Refugee Hosts: To register to host refugees in your home, go here. If this link is not working then go here.
Caseworkers: wishing to refer refugees or those claiming asylum who have no recourse to funds:  go here for information on how to make a referral quickly and effectively.

Do you have a spare room or more?

Could you offer temporary shelter to someone forced to flee their country who does not have the means to support themselves ?

If so, you could be a host with Room for Refugees.

We receive referrals from the British Red Cross, Refugee Council and established immigration and asylum advice agencies. We assess all referrals and we do not offer space to those with a history of criminality, violence or substance abuse. We aim to match guests who are seeking  asylum in this country with hosts offering a spare room.  Placements can be for as short or as long as you choose. If you are interested in becoming a host, please read the information below and then complete the online registration form.


  • Room for Refugees was pioneered by Positive Action in Housing in 2003. It is the longest running refugee hosting scheme run by a registered charity in the UK or Western Europe.
  • We specialise in safe refugee hosting for those facing emergency homelessness.
  • Room for Refugees went “viral” in September 2015.
  • A major practical resource in terms of a human and compassionate approach to supporting refugees to rebuild their lives with an unrivaled level of pastoral support by sharing what we have too much of in the Western world.
  • We are accepting registration from potential refugee hosts in Scotland , England, Ireland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Western Europe, Canada* and the U.S.*
  • We are building links with refugee organisations across the globe.
  • Hundreds of families and individuals have so far been assisted under the scheme, helping us to give hope to thousands more individuals and families and help them achieve stability in their lives.
  • See latest stats at 

Working with:



and 87 other established refugee organisations across the UK.

Last revision – 4/5/2016

*U.S. and Canadian hosts – the scheme is being developed as we partner up with agencies in these countries, so please bear with us. the more hosts who register, the quicker we can build links with refugee organisations in those areas. For more info email

Working together to rebuild lives.