Host a refugee in your home

The Room for Refugees Network helps men, women and children who are fleeing for their lives to rebuild their lives.

Room for Refugees is the longest running refugee hosting programme run by a registered charity in the UK or Western Europe.

With over 8,000 host families registered as of April 2021, we are proud to make this form of support commonplace in Europe. Since 2002, we have placed thousands of people, for anything from a week to months and years and notched up tens of thousands of nights of shelter. Many of those we’re trying to settle are from Syria. They’re also from Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, Iran, and many other countries suffering war, human rights abuse and environmental catastrophe. Showing hospitality is one of the most practical and powerful ways you can respond.

It’s about removing the borders from our hearts and our minds.

Having a refugee family or individual to stay with you while they try to get their lives back on track is one of the most practical, life-enriching things you can do for yourself and for people who find themselves in a crisis situation. Our Hosts offer breathing space to families and individuals to work out their options, and get paperwork in order, so that they can begin the process of finding work, education, rebuilding their families, their lives and their future. As a “refugee host”, you decide how long you can offer a spare room or property, according to your circumstances. We screen all referrals to ensure a safe match with “hosts” offering a spare room or property. Placements can be for as short or as long as you choose.

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