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The Humans network was set up during the 2020 Lockdown to respond to the humanitarian crisis after the Home Office accommodation subcontractor Mears Group moved hundreds refugees and asylum seekers out of their homes and crowded people into hotels across Glasgow. 

Volunteers provide one-to-one support and gather items and essential resources to assist asylum seekers leaving hotels and being moved into flats. We are replicating the idea in other parts of the country too. 

When people seeking asylum are struggling, we have asked trusted volunteers to link up and help that person; we have observed it leading to long-term friendships and support. 

In the process, you can help individuals move on in their lives after experiencing life shocks and influence societal change. 

The Ukraine War created added pressure for our team, and we are looking for people who can volunteer with Host Assessments, Casework Assistance, and Matching Guests with Hosts. Volunteer in person or remotely and through our non-office-based Humans Network set up to increase our capacity to help refugees and asylum seekers at a time of crisis. The link to apply is below. 

We regularly look for new volunteers in the following roles, and therefore future opportunities shall be expected:

Host assessors – to help Room for Refugees assess hostings

Casework assistants – to help refugees apply for social-rented housing 

Admin assistants - to assist day to day office functioning.

We are happy to cover travel and lunch expenses (up to £10 per day), provide references and achievement certificates.

If you are interested in current or future opportunities, feel free to apply online.

To volunteer with Positive Action in Housing, please sign up.


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