Annual Report 2016-17

Who we are

An independent, anti-racist homelessness and human rights charity (SC027577) dedicated to supporting refugees and migrants to rebuild their lives.

We believe in a society where everyone has the right to live stable and fulfilled lives, free from poverty, homelessness or inequality.

What we do

We assist refugees seeking sanctuary from war and persecution to overcome crisis situations, for example, the removal of basic human rights such as refuge, shelter, the right to work or hold a bank account.

We provide proactive advice, emergency support and free shelter to those at risk of destitution through Room for Refugees.

We provide pre-eviction advice to asylum seekers about to be evicted from asylum accommodation.

We support migrants to know their rights, secure paid work and stabilise their lives. We assist established ethnic minority communities to overcome bad housing.

We support victims of racist harassment and hate crime, and successfully challenge council homelessness decisions.

We provide signposting, proactive casework, emergency humanitarian support to assist refugees and asylum seekers to rebuild their lives quickly and stand on their own resources.

We offer welfare advice and money skills to refugees and migrants to assist in their resettlement in Scotland. We provide volunteering and training.

We lead human rights campaigns and humanitarian appeals. We persistently challenge anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiment, and the indefinite detention of innocent families and individuals. In all these areas we use our expertise to effect policy change.

We will help in all these ways until we have a society that treats everyone fairly, respects people’s human rights and leaves no one destitute.

Support our work

To continue this work, we depend on the financial support of government, charitable trusts, our members, trade unions and academic bodies and individuals from all sections of society.

Regular donations help us plan out support for those in greatest need. To give regularly, or a one off donation, go to

If you are an organisation sharing our values and would like to become a full or associate member, please visit:

Tel +44 141 353 2220


Latest News

Serco’s plans to evict 300 asylum seekers onto the streets of Glasgow

Refugee homelessness charity, Positive Action in Housing, has condemned plans by Rupert Soames’ Serco group to evict 300 asylum seeker families and lone men and women, many of whom are fleeing war or persecution in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, onto the streets of Glasgow. Robina Qureshi, Director of Positive Action…

Day 9: A better day for Syrian Refugee, Shabaz

Shabaz’s mother remains in Syria caring for elderly relatives and doesn’t know what has happened to her son as her husband can’t bring himself to tell her. But, he says, she knows something is wrong. The guilt of what happened to their son weighs heavily on him. As he…

A 43 year old care home worker and single mother is about to lose her job and home because of the hostile environment


May 3rd 2018 update – Good news – after some social media coverage, the home Office has agreed to let Bunmi work for six months while they look at her case. she has two chidlren born and bred here, one of whom has a British citizenship, the fairest thing would surely…

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Positive Action in Housing

Citizen need over corporate greedWhy is it that so many other countries are able to figure out how to restore Economic Justice and not the U.S.? Could it be because we are governed by Corporate greed and not Citizen need? Follow us on Twitter – #RHTUSA Please LIKE and SHARE on your page. See MoreSee Less

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SERCO is telling people to get out of their homes before Christmas. No matter how politely these letters are written they are frightening for the people who receive them because they know there’s only the street to go to. They are at the behest of a chaotic and incompetent Home Office. And SERCO is coercing people to leave before the Court if Session meets in January 2019 to decide on the legality of these lock changes. Shameful. See MoreSee Less

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Here’s what SERCO said about the asylum seeker evictions and lock changes in Glasgow In email dated (9 April 2018):

“In any case we are likely to see push back from ASH and Positive Action In Housing In particular …”

As a homelessness and human rights charity, we WILL fight against injustice against refugees and asylum seekers And we are willing to “pushback” against unjust evictions and your locking out of vulnerable people from the only homes they have. And many of the people SERCO wished to put out onto GLASGOW streets are actually refugees who just got awarded leave to remain or asylum seekers whose support was reinstated by a chaotic incompetent home office.

The MPs and MSPs have threatened direct action in their constituencies.

Refugees and asylum seekers don’t want free rent, or to be patronised over tea with the great and good, they want simply to rebuild their lives and resettle. Let’s not forget, these are war refugees being fast tracked into failure who are having to struggle through destitution and indignity until they win their cases, Afghans, Iraqis, Yemenese, Syrians, and others, all being refused asylum. It’s convenient because then the Home Office doesn’t have to support them. Refugees and asylum seekers don’t want support they want to work. But they are forbidden to work for years on end, the Home Office reduces people to poverty, and charities like ours to begging volunteers for rooms for people with no home.

That’s the shame of it, And here’s more “news”. SERCO is now telling refugees and asylum seekers to get out of their homes before Christmas , this despite the fact that the Court of Session has not yet heard the case of serco vs Govan law centre on whether what they are doing is lawful. At least you know – SERCO – there’s at least one charity willing to challenge your injustice and that of the Home office. Sitting in cosy boardrooms cutting deals to evict vulnerable people onto the streets is a really bad idea at a time like this.

For any institutions out there who are now going to make it their business to exclude refugee and asylum seeking students from housing or education, we would like to see you “pushback” against this “hostile environment” instead of complacently accepting the role of immigration officer and carrying out document checks of vulnerable people with very little hope left to sustain them. Think through the consequences of excluding vulnerable people like this.

Robina Qureshi See MoreSee Less

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