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Room for Refugees


With the ongoing refugee crisis, we now have over 2,300 refugee hosts across the UK, France and elsewhere, ready to offer free shelter in their homes. As well as our own casework team , Room for refugees is working in partnership with the British Red Cross, Refugee Council, Scottish Refugee Council and other refugee groups to match refugees to potential hosts. If you are interested and have space to take someone in, whether it’s for a few days, an extended period, or anything in between, please register as a host. It doesn’t matter where you live. Watch out for network meetings in your local area too. You’re not just hosting refugees, your part of  a fast growing movement of people speaking up for refugees fleeing war torn countries to gain safe passage to Europe.

We have over 11 years of expertise in safe hosting. Our charity pioneered the UK’s first refugee hosting scheme in 2003/4 following an increasing number of refugees being made absolutely destitute by the UK government. It has a 100% safety track record, we request full disclosure from hosts, and ensure a risk assessment of each match and safety checks thereafter.

The UK government, in its ‘wisdom’ has rejected any notion of using schemes like ours for Syrian refugees, but ironically we are still sheltering destitute Syrian (and other) refugees with our volunteers.

International Volunteers Lesvos – Refugee Crisis – Eric Kempson

Some members of the Help Anyway team – Dr. Andrew Wilson, Nurse Kay Wilson and Dr. Sheelagh Donnelly from the Duddon Valley Medical Practice, Cumbria.

Volunteer lifeguards and medics wanted to join an international team of volunteers at Lesvos helping desperate refugees off boats from now until March 2016. If you have the skills, experience and can afford your own air fare and accommodation, we will provide you information to get there and join Eric and Philippa Kempson – our 21st century Oskar Schindlers – in their efforts to save thousands of lives. We are very grateful to receive support from a small group of volunteers from medical, nursing and non-medical backgrounds in the north west of England who have decided to respond to the refugee crisis in Europe, taking annual leave and travelling at their own expense. In 2016 they will be working on Lesvos ,,, see more info at 

Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal – Lesvos

A woman hugs her baby wrapped in an emergency blanket as refugees and migrants arrive on the Greek island of Lesvos after crossing the Aegean sea from Turkey on October 1, 2015.

Send lifesaving items to Lesvos, Greece

Every penny of this appeal will go towards saving the lives of refugees trying to reach safety in Europe, and we are working with Eric Kempson and a network of volunteers on the ground to identify volunteers and resources. The whole amount will reach those in greatest need, the costs of running the appeal will be absorbed by our charity. Any donation no matter how small or large is gratefully received. . Make a donation here, and add gift aid. To donate regularly to our general work, email Thank you.

Notes on a Scandal – the Eric Kempson Transcript 4 November 2015

eric notes

Powerful testimony by Eric Kempson about the extent of suffering in Lesvos, what exactly the aid agencies are not doing with the millions they have collected in donations from the public, and testimony about abuses of refugee boats by the Turkish coastguard. Anyone who gives a damn about humanity should read this. Follow Eric Kempson on YouTube and on Twitter @erickempson


About Us

Positive Action in Housing began twenty years ago.

We are a Scottish based charity (SC027577) with a Europe-wide reach, working with people, communities and non-profit organisations to enable everyone to have an equal chance to live, work and grow, free from poverty, homelessness or racism.

We offer free advice, information and practical support in order to help rebuild and stabilise lives. We pro-actively welcome refugees in Europe and those seeking asylum from war torn countries.

We run a free, confidential and impartial housing advice service. We provide money advice and financial skills. We support migrants in the UK to gain the necessary paperwork to secure employment, self-employment and stabilise their lives.

We run an Emergency Hardship Fund for those in greatest need. We provide free shelter for destitute refugees and their families through 2,100 plus refugee hosts across the UK and Europe through our pioneering refugee hosting scheme Room for Refugees.

We provide volunteering and sessional work opportunities. We inform social policy from a user-led perspective. We deliver training and best practice.

We lead human rights campaigns and humanitarian appeals, most recently for refugees trying to reach Europe. We routinely highlight individual injustices to increase public awareness. We persistently challenge the xenophobic rhetoric directed at refugees by government bodies.

To continue this work with autonomy, we depend on the support of government, charitable trusts, our members and individuals, trade unions and academic bodies.

Positive Action in Housing is independent of any political group, religious creed, ideology or economic faction.