Roma Children 2017
Annual Report 2016-17

Positive Action enables you to help people from refugee and migrant communities rebuild their lives after a crisis

Positive Action in Housing is “a small charity doing a big thing”.

Since 1995, we have helped thousands of vulnerable children, women and men to rebuild their lives. 

Today, more than ever, we are focused on delivering strong, positive outcomes, and on increasing our “reach” so that we do much more with less resources.

Where a crisis seems overwhelming, we bring practical support

Our head office is in Glasgow, Scotland. Most of our direct outreach work takes place from here.

Our multilingual project teams work on a daily basis with the most vulnerable families and individuals  through drop ins and outreach surgeries.

We provide signposting, proactive casework, emergency humanitarian support to assist people from refugee backgrounds to rebuild their lives quickly and stand on their own resources.

We publish individual appeals and lead human rights campaigns.

Using the freedom of the internet, and software technology, we are also breaking geographical boundaries. We are now piloting our expertise and knowledge elsewhere in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Through our extensive network of refugee and migrant organisations, we now provide humanitarian support – proactive advice, crisis grants and shelter – to vulnerable families across Scotland and the UK.

At the height of the refugee crisis in 2015-16, we recruited and sent 202 volunteer medics, nurses and general volunteers to Lesvos, Greece from 24 countries world-wide. We  donated funds towards humanitarian initiatives to save lives amongst the 500,000 refugees who crossed the Aegean Sea from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Direct, humanitarian support

We provide emergency humanitarian support in Glasgow, London and other parts of Scotland and the U.K. through a network of almost 300 caseworkers from other refugee and migrant organisations including British Red Cross, the Refugee Council, Freedom from Torture, Shelter from the Storm and others.

This support takes the form of proactive advice and information, crisis grants and free shelter to provide a  breathing space to individuals and families. this enables caseworkers to move their client out of a crisis situation. We distribute crisis grants to destitute refugees and asylum seekers directly from our office and through our network of destitution caseworkers.

The Winter Destitution Appeal (also known as the Emergency Hardship Fund) is paid for by individual donors and every penny donated goes to families and individuals in need. In 2017, we expect to distribute £50,000.

Refugee hosting 

We provide free shelter to destitute refugees and asylum seekers in the homes of our 6,500 refugee hosts. Think of it as airbnb for refugees. The Guardian newspaper did a stunning photo-essay about our Room for Refugees Programme. We undertake a regular review process to ensure that destitute refugees and migrants can achieve resolution to their crisis situation. The programme has taken off across the UK. Next, we plan to pilot the idea in New York.

On a daily basis, we continue our work providing practical advice and support for ethnic minority communities experiencing housing problems, homelessness and racial hate crimes.

Human rights campaigns

We take up campaigns when injustice arises to provide support to individual cases and highlight the injustice of government policy to others from those communities.

In 2017, there is more demand for practical support than ever as more people seek refuge in the UK and fall into destitution more quickly.  We are adamant on playing our part in helping in the ongoing humanitarian crisis, if we believe we can make a difference and help people rebuild their lives in a positive way.

If you would like to help us, this website can show you how to donate, how to host a refugee while they get their lives back on track and how to volunteer.

If you need help and would like to access our services then please email and we will do our best to help you. We are developing our services page so please bear with us.