Annual Report 2016-17

Who we are

An independent, anti-racist homelessness and human rights charity (SC027577) dedicated to supporting refugees and migrants to rebuild their lives.

We believe in a society where everyone has the right to live stable and fulfilled lives, free from poverty, homelessness or inequality.

What we do

We assist refugees seeking sanctuary from war and persecution to overcome crisis situations, for example, the removal of basic human rights such as refuge, shelter, the right to work or hold a bank account.

We provide proactive advice, emergency support and free shelter to those at risk of destitution through Room for Refugees.

We provide pre-eviction advice to asylum seekers about to be evicted from asylum accommodation.

We support migrants to know their rights, secure paid work and stabilise their lives. We assist established ethnic minority communities to overcome bad housing.

We support victims of racist harassment and hate crime, and successfully challenge council homelessness decisions.

We provide signposting, proactive casework, emergency humanitarian support to assist refugees and asylum seekers to rebuild their lives quickly and stand on their own resources.

We offer welfare advice and money skills to refugees and migrants to assist in their resettlement in Scotland. We provide volunteering and training.

We lead human rights campaigns and humanitarian appeals. We persistently challenge anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiment, and the indefinite detention of innocent families and individuals. In all these areas we use our expertise to effect policy change.

We will help in all these ways until we have a society that treats everyone fairly, respects people’s human rights and leaves no one destitute.

Support our work

To continue this work, we depend on the financial support of government, charitable trusts, our members, trade unions and academic bodies and individuals from all sections of society.

Regular donations help us plan out support for those in greatest need. To give regularly, or a one off donation, go to

If you are an organisation sharing our values and would like to become a full or associate member, please visit:

Tel +44 141 353 2220


Latest News

Mears Group takes over Scotland’s asylum Housing contract from September 2019 while SERCO “loses” Scotland but wins English asylum contracts worth £1.9BN.

Social housing specialist Mears Group PLC has been handed contracts worth £1bn from the UK government. As part of the contract, Mears will be responsible for the upkeep of thousands of homes occupied by new refugees, those just granted leave to remain and asylum seekers at varying stages of the…

Serco’s plans to evict 300 asylum seekers onto the streets of Glasgow

Refugee homelessness charity, Positive Action in Housing, has condemned plans by Rupert Soames’ Serco group to evict 300 asylum seeker families and lone men and women, many of whom are fleeing war or persecution in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, onto the streets of Glasgow. Robina Qureshi, Director of Positive Action…

Day 9: A better day for Syrian Refugee, Shabaz

Shabaz’s mother remains in Syria caring for elderly relatives and doesn’t know what has happened to her son as her husband can’t bring himself to tell her. But, he says, she knows something is wrong. The guilt of what happened to their son weighs heavily on him. As he…

Latest from Facebook

Remembering the Holocaust:
Fighting fascism today

Tuesday 22 January, 6.30pm
at Unison offices, 84 Bell Street, G1 1LQ
Facebook event here

Speakers include:
Rahela Cirpaci, Romano Lav community organiser

Professor Henry Maitles, author of Understanding and Teaching the Holocaust
Kirsty Robson, Holocaust Education Trust
Charlotte Ahmed, Unite Against Fascism Scotland

Holocaust Memorial Day marks the anniversary of the day the Nazis’ concentration camp at Auchwitz-Birkenau was liberated in 1945.

It is vitally important to remember the reality of what it means when fascists take power. When Hitler’s Nazis came to power in Germany they smashed
working class organisations, political opposition and civil institutions. Concentration camps were established imprisoning a wide variety of the Nazis political opposition.

In the Holocaust six million Jews were murdered along with millions of others that the fascists considered to be ‘undesirable’ or ‘inferior’ including
Roma people, socialists, communists, trade unionists, gay men and lesbians, and disabled people.

The Holocaust was mass murder on an industrial scale.

Today in Britain, and across Europe, fascist groups want to emulate Hitler. In Britain these groups have been successfully pushed back by united
anti-fascist opposition. But they seek to grow again, as evidenced by the disturbing alliance of UKIP, the so called Democratic Football Lads Alliance and fascist poster boy “Tommy Robinson”, to name a few.

The need to learn from the unique horrors of the Holocaust and say “Never Again!” has never been more pressing or urgent.

Come along to this Holocaust memorial event, organised by Unite Against Fascism and Stand Up To Racism, to remember the victims of the greatest crime
in history and commit ourselves to the fight against racism and fascism today. See MoreSee Less

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