The people we have helped


Lydia is 35 year old single mother who fled to the UK with her children in April this year following serious threats from her family and community in South Africa for marrying outside her ethnic group. Lydia arrived to PAIH with her children and a few items in her suitcase with nowhere to go and only £20 with her.

She presented frightened, exhausted and desperate for help . PAIH caseworker arranged temporary accommodation for the family and referred her to local solicitor who facilitated her claim for asylum . Her asylum was granted within couple of months. Lydia now has been provided with support by the home office and her children are settled in school. During a recent visit to our office Lydia let us know of her progress and was very thankful, she said that “had it not been for our help on the first day she would well have thrown herself in the river Clyde”. After years of living in fear and insecurity, she finally has hope now that her children will have a future.

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