The people we have helped


Anita and her 3-year-old daughter came to the Lifeline Project for assistance with their emergency situation. They were stuck in Home Office hotel accommodation with no cash support, despite their application for asylum support already being granted.

Although their application for asylum support had been granted two weeks prior, Anita and her 3-year-old daughter were stuck in full-board Home Office emergency hotel accommodation with no cash support when they came to the Lifeline Project.

We referred Anita to a solicitor for support and contacted the Home Office directly to advocate for Anita and her daughter to be moved to a flat and have her cash support started. We also helped Anita to apply for a crisis grant whilst she waited for subsistence support from the Home Office to supplement the basic provisions provided by the hotel. Anita and her daughter were soon moved to their own flat and received cash support from the Home Office. Her daughter, who wasn't eating the cooked meals in the hotel, can now eat whatever she likes in their own accommodation, which has made them both much happier. 

My little girl would not eat the food they gave us in the hotel. Thanks to Positive Action, we have been moved into our own accommodation, and I can cook food that my daughter likes. We cherish being in our own space and my daughter is much happier.

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