The people we have helped


Kristine was forced into debt when her previous employers failed to pay her correctly. The Money Skills Project helped Kristine to re-apply for Universal Credit and cover her debt.

Kristine, a breast cancer survivor who is registered blind, came to Money Skills Project during the pandemic. She had no money to live on, having been made redundant. Her previous employer had claimed furlough for her but did not give it to her. Her new employer declared an entire month’s earnings to HMRC but gave her only £26. As a result, Kristine lost almost all her Universal Credit entitlement for three months. She fell into rent, council tax, and energy arrears and was forced to rely on food banks.

The Money Skills Project helped her to report her employers to HMRC, and she is currently awaiting a decision on her unpaid wages and furlough payment.

With our help, Kristine got a Discretionary Housing Payment of over £2000 and a £300 grant to pay part of her energy debt. We also helped her apply for Universal Credit due to her health conditions, which has raised her monthly income by over £650.

I have covered all my debt with your help. I’ll be able to concentrate on my health now. I have nothing to worry about, and I’m back to normal life, looking to the future.

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