The people we have helped


The plight of the Bidoon is a six-decade story of a people denied citizenship and stigmatised in one of the world’s wealthiest states. They are not legally considered Kuwaitis. They are instead a stateless group of people known as the Bidoons – meaning “without” in Arabic or “without citizenship". As Kuwaiti Bedoon, Mohsin, his wife, and three children experienced systemic persecution and discrimination. As a refugee in Scotland, Mohsin encountered difficulty finding work and accessing services and advice. COVID-19 complicated everything, and Mohsin struggled with poor health and debt.

Mohsin was £2000 in arrears with Council Tax, and his energy direct debits had increased from £115 a month to £280 when he contacted the Money Skills Project online. He struggled to buy clothes and shoes for his children and regularly visited food banks. With our Arabic-speaking staff and volunteers, Mohsin could explain his situation clearly and quickly get the necessary advice. We helped him resolve his Council Tax debt, and a recalculation resulted in his debt being cleared entirely. We also provided energy advice, including understanding his bills and using electricity and gas as efficiently as possible. We applied for a Scottish Government heating grant of £1100, helping him clear his energy bills.

I give Positive Action in Housing 10 out of 10. I understand things better through Arabic-speaking staff and feel calmer and safe here. I am truly indebted to Positive Action in Housing for turning my life around and giving stability to my family.

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