The people we have helped


Paul was in his sixties when he found himself with nowhere to call home.

After his relationship broke down, he had moved from the home he shared with his partner into a flat provided by his employer. When his job finished and he found himself homeless, a friend put him up while he found a new place. With limited English and not knowing what to do next Paul had reached crisis point, “My friend told me to find somewhere else to stay as soon as possible. I was worried because I didn’t have anyone else I could ask for help and faced the prospect of having nowhere to go”.

Paul came to the Housing team for help. We helped him gather the paperwork he needed to apply through the Glasgow Housing Register for a number of Housing Associations in the north west of Glasgow. We also talked to him about homelessness services and what to do if he had to leave his friend’s place. In February 2019 Paul got a letter from Maryhill Housing Association to say he’d been shortlisted for a flat. We helped him make an appointment to see the flat and Paul was chosen to sign a tenancy.

I did not know how long I can stay with my friend because it was supposed to be only for a short time. She told me to find somewhere else to stay as soon as I can. I was worried because I did not have any other friend I can ask for help and I faced the prospect of not having anywhere to stay...

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