The people we have helped


We helped Yara to apply for asylum support and crisis grants. This helped her keep the heating on and continue her ESOL course.

Yara studied Business Administration in Damascus, Syria. She first arrived in the UK in 2017 through a refugee family reunion and applied for asylum after the Home Office refused her visa extension application. Yara lived in a social tenancy, but her Universal Credit stopped when her visa expired, and she had no means to pay for the electricity in her flat.

Positive Action in Housing advised Yara on her right to apply for asylum support and assisted her in completing a Section 95 application by ensuring that the relevant supporting documents were in place. We helped Yara to apply for crisis grants to buy essentials and maintain the electricity in her flat. Yara is keen to continue her studies when she completes her ESOL course. 

“I was devastated because I had to start from the beginning. I was frightened because everything I ever knew in my life, family, home, and country, disappeared in front of my eyes. I am now in a much better situation in terms of accommodation and support, thanks to Positive Action in Housing.

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