13 December 2020

Thank you to Geanina from our #humansofglasgownetwork who washed and ironed her own girls’ clothes for the six year old and seven year old daughters of another mother. That and Christmas presents  too. Look at how beautifully pressed the clothes are. This work could only have been done with love … from one human to another … don’t think of the numbers of people needing help… just think of your connection with another human being.

As for words like “asylum seeker” these are as divisive as the walls they tried and failed to build.

Dump the words “asylum seeker” and refugee and let’s keep the words that bring us together … like people and fellow human beings.

What this world needs is not to look at the poor or refugees, but point at the obese rich with their yachts and their billions who think it’s okay to be so obesely rich while fellow humans are dying in the Mediterranean, and now the English Channel.

“Charity” is not about blindly feeding the poor, it’s also about asking why we have to do it in the first place, who has created the situation?

How much of a wake up call do we need?

Thank you Geanina for showing us how to connect to our humanity and not be put off the poison dog whistle words of so called Home Secretaries, politicians and some of the tabloid press. 

No Pasaran.

Join us

Our Humans of Glasgow grew out of the pandemic and a need to help people remotely, and safely. It has resulted in One to one friendships across borders. If each one of us decided to reach out to one person in need there is no need to worry about numbers. There are refugees and displaced people all over Europe and all over the world. We can do it, each one of us. We are each capable of small acts of kindness that can have a massive impact further down the line. Ripples of Love creates more love.

Robina Qureshi

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