The Greek Tragedy at Lesvos

1 February 2021

This is Kara Tepe Camp – “Moria 2” – in Lesvos where thousands of refugees make their “home”. Flooded tents because of low lying ground. Frozen overnight. Since winter hit the island, the new Kara Tepe camp has been flooded, it still lacks heating, and tents have collapsed from the wind. On Christmas day, refugees in the camp sent a second letter to the EU about the camp, but received no response. Moreover, Greek authorities confirmed that the refugees are exposed to lead poisoning. Since November, the refugees have distributed warm clothes, settled and fixed electricity, drained water and created classes.

This is the life of people fleeing war and persecution. Blamed at every turn for trying to save their children and their families. The EU is turning a blind eye. The Greek authorities deny the problem. Positive Action in Housing has donated £20,000 from its Refugee Crisis Fund, money raised since 2015, to Stand By Me Lesvos, local Greeks assisting refugees inside the camps, Moria White Helmets consisting of refugee engineers and experts from Syria, Iraq and other war torn countries, who live – yes live – inside the camp. They are installing drainage and electrical infrastructure. The camp should not be there. People should be allowed to travel safely, they should be allowed homes to live in. Is that not what civilised society does?

We call on UNHCR and IRC to step in like we have and provide funds as we have done to make conditions bearable, liveable for the families there. They are in those camps. Help them.

To donate directly to humanitarian work being done by refugees and local Greeks in the Moria 2 Camp please visit this link.

Robina Qureshi

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