Home Office to commission an “evaluation” of asylum seeker housing.

31 July 2020

The Director General, HM Passport Office and UK Visas & Immigration wrote to Chris Stephens MP, on July 29 as follows:

Following the tragic incident at the Park Inn, West George Street, Glasgow on 26th June 2020, I have commissioned an evaluation of the accommodation and support services experienced by asylum seekers in Glasgow during COVID-19. … The evaluation is an opportunity for the Home Office to identify any learning from the collective systems that have supported asylum seekers during COVID-19”

Given what has happened since March 2020, the leaked correspondence from serviced accommodation providers about Mears commercial practices, and the death of Adnan Walid Elbi and the Park Inn tragedy, nothing less than a robust and fully independent public inquiry into the humanitarian crisis that was created – and is still ongoing – by Mears and the Home Office will do.

Robina Qureshi

July 2020

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