The people we have helped


When Michael contacted Positive Action in Housing, he was isolated and vulnerable to debt collectors due to his mother’s hospitalisation and accumulating arrears

At 19 years old, Michael sought help from the Money Skills Project after finishing college and finding himself without support. Alone and with no income, he relied on food from his Auntie and neighbours. Debts were piling up, and collectors were chasing him for energy and Council Tax payments, but he couldn’t speak to creditors since they were all in his mother’s name. Additionally, as the house was in his father’s name and neither he nor Michael’s mother were paying the full mortgage, arrears were accumulating on the property. The Money Skills Project worked to reduce his debts and increase his income by adding his name as a helper for the bills, negotiating affordable repayment plans with the energy supplier, applying for grants of over £750, and assisting Michael in applying for Universal Credit for regular income for food and bills.

Being alone in the house was difficult anyway, but it seemed impossible to start solving all the problems, even having a little money in my pocket. Money Skills Project helped me find a way to start building myself up again.

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